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look for a partner
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How can I cure my tranny/trap fetish?
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Man has never set foot on the moon

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The MoonLanding was a PsyOP
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About trannies

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It makes me feel uncomfortable that the internet has made it easy for socially awkward nerds to fall into crowds that push them into taking drugs and mutilating their bodies.

And they do it out of a sick desire to fit in, they start to believe it's what they want, and one day they are going to wake up and realize they have irreversibly damaged their body chasing something they can never obtain.
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>page 11
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Yakui thread

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Post any pictures of Yakui maid here
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What's the most fuckedup thing you ever did

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Me : There was a compound for Chinese workers in our neighborhood
I used to sell them cats and they actually ate them and the price of one fat cat was $ 10
And I didnt care about the rights of animals or these poor cats .. but all i was thinking is how much cats I need to get 10 thousand dollars...I sold 4 and I still have this last one .. And decided to take care of him

Its OK to be a NOMAP!

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A NOMAP is a Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person, or simply
a non-offending pedophile.
1:We're Not Criminals. Most of us pedophiles are non-offending
and will never abuse a child or possess child abuse material. We just have a different Sexual Orientation. Most of child molesters are not pedophiles who actually love
kids, but rather people who love control and domination. We
pedophiles prefer to use legal outlets, such as lolicon or dolls
that do not harm children.
2:We're Not Immoral. Us pedophilies have always been
accepted in Western Civilization until the Industrial Age. Major
religions, including Christianity allow pedophilia. Hatres against
us is only a recent stigma. There is no traditional moral reason
to hate us other than blind rage against molesters who probably aren't even pedos.
3: We're your friends. Studies have shown that around 1 in 20 of adults are attracted to minors biologically.
We could be anyone you know and love and you wouldn't tell the difference. We are engineers, firemen,
soldiers and doctors, but we just have a different sexual oreintation. Your best friend could be a pedophile,
and it doesn't make him or her any worse of a person.
Stop the hate! Tolerating NOMAPs helps pedophiles know that there's support and ways to practice child
love without having to ever lay a hand on a child. We are warriors against child abuse and we need your
support to defeat the stigma!
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/bant/ Anime Stream

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Come watch anime with us, /bant/

We stream Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 11:00 UTC

Watch list is at
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I have a question

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Are all French anime girls really lesbians with each other or is it just all French girls?
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