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See this
What do?

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my gf Satania is very cute
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Wallpaper Thread

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Post your desktop wallpaper, r_banter.
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The Cancer of 4chan

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I've been coming here for literally years but I've only just realised how really fucking bad it is for you.

Now, I expect that SOME of you are relatively normal and I might even get one or two of you responding with "you're right, it's fucking cancer, get away as much as you can".

And it's true that there is an infinite range of people here, I'm not judging you, the person reading this. You could be anyone.

But it's undeniable there are some festering bitter losers here. And I expect them to respond with: "LMAO OP WHAT A DICKHEAD YOU ARE, IT'S YOUR FAULT, HAHAHA FUCK YOU"

When I was a teenager, many years ago, 4chan was fine for porn, gore (not that I ever watched tons of gore, only tiny bits, out of curiosity), and banter. But over time... this place is just full of seething bitterness. And it corrupts you.

Some people in life have made sayings like you shouldn't hang out with negative people, and even that you should hang with people who are like what you aspire to be. Both of which are so fucking true.

4chan is fucking cancer.

I know people criticise Reddit, and I barely use it, but at least there you can see a person's history to see what kind of person they are.

When it's anonymous, if someone says "yeah you suck bro", you don't know if that's coming from someone who clearly looks accomplished in life, or a seething bitter incel.

Yeah, 4chan is cancer.
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What do you do for fun, /bant/?
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>tfw no cute femboy waifu
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A thread for Nice 9s and Blue IDs!

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No more Frog curse please!
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