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Bros I stopped believing, but my girlfriend is still a hijab wearing Muslim. What do I do?
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>There are literal niggers posting on /bant/
Get out subhumans.
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Do you want to play chess with me?
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Playing Persona 2 on easy

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It's still hard. It didn't start off that difficult at all but when I got to the music store dungeon it went way up. I was even way over leveled for it but it doesn't matter. Apparently you are supposed to get a bunch of different personas and use one for different monsters. But that's stupid because it is random encounters and you can't change Personas in a battle. It also takes forever to get the cards you need to summon Personas. I would know none of this without looking at the guides. I can't imagine how anyone figured this shit out. I tried playing it blind and I figured out how to progress and how to talk to some of the monsters but it was a pain on the ass.

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Frog invasion....
My threads.... Gone...
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>a ps5 costs 9 months of the average wage.
>even more months for the median wage.