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I'm sorry.
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Redpill me on >>/x/
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302th Happy day

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Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun..
Do you have any tricks to make the day seem longer? Personally, I used to watch movies or anime, reading story books.
It's a really calm feeling when you slowly put off things that remind you of passing time - like a job, school, ˢᵘᶰᶫᶦᵍʰᵗ, hobbies..
It is in a way quite unhealthy when overdosed but I'm pretty sure that once or twice a year every human should think about his own catharsis~
Two intensive days can clog up your mind with thoughts for a nice bit of time.
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Why does every female-tourist who visits Iceland look like this?
>I am Icelandic by the way. Hérna er sönnunin. I’m just visiting Thailand for a while, but at the Keflavík airport I noticed that all the tourist girls looked like Anne Frank.
Is this phenomenon present only in Iceland? Or have other Europeans noticed this as well in their countries?
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Faces of /bant/

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Should I come out as gay to my parents today??? I've been trying to work up the courage but I'm scared what they'll think....
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Why Can't I Have Tight Loli Pussy???!!!?!!?!?
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HEY frens i just cum blood on a picture of darwin sucking gumball's cock
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