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>tree in finnish is poo
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i wonder what they're all surprised about

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I have a Peewee Herman fetish,
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Should I let my guard down?

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I never sleep naked because I fear someone will break into my house so if I am dressed I'll be ready for action as soon as I get up from bed.
I never wash my face with soap because I fear that as I have my eyes closed a disgusting poisonous creature will come out of the drain.
When I eat outside I never leave my back to the street, I try to always sit with my back facing a wall.
I always sit near the emergency exit when I go to the movies.
I never let my muscles relax too much, I flex them every once in a while.

Living is a nightmare for me.

why are jannies such niggers?

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i'm a good guy you know but i've always had problems with them
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>tfw range banned on /int/
Are you range banned on /int/ as well?

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>The moon was NOT replaced with a fake one. Take your meds, schizo.
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post your favorite board-tans
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I'm getting turned on. What doujin should I fap to?