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not enough tranny threads on atm so I decided to open one
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/mars/ - Mars General

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What are you doing today my martian bretheren?

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First person it generates for you is now your lover.

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4chen people are no kewl though
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yo spergs post some of your music im bored and wanna chill to some new shit thx
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The true redpill is realising that EVERYTHING that's happening right now is a part of Eternal Return.
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redpill me on brown girls or else you'll regret it
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OC thread

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post your OCs here
I'll post my OCs for Dungeons and Dragons. I hope I will find some group to use them irl.
Pic related is Nikola Roverič. He is a veteran soldier from Damara, but now goes here and there, serving as mercenary or as hired murderer. He is a thirsty for blood psycho and likes to sink his halberd on his enemies skulls, but he's also fervently loyal to his highers and can integrate in a group without causing too much trouble.
race: human
alignment: lawful evil
class: level 1 warrior

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well, anon?
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