In all seriousness

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Does anyone actually fap to their own (drawn) porn?

I mean I guess I COULD find it understandable if you live somewhere where porn is a nono and you’re desperate but how do you guys that draw feel?
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These have been dead lately but let's try anyway.

Ps4 dissapoints me and so does my internet company

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Tfw ps4 streaming ps3 games sucks..

Like you can't download ps3 games so you have to put up with constant frame drops. Well I do at least. Fuuuck. I like some ps3 games more than ps4 ones such as the ninja gaiden games.

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I want Jeanne d'Arc to beat me for being Protestant

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Girls shouldn’t be allowed to make art

Pic very related
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Germans, need language help pls

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If I say "Auf dem Foto gibt es ein Handy, aber keinen Postkarten"

Why is "ein" in the neutral Akkusativ case but "keinen" in the Dativ plural case?

Is it because the first noun is direct object and the second is indirect?

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Do you fags use any other social media?
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do something creative
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