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>I WILL NOT take a shower.
>I WILL NOT have sex.
>I WILL NOT get the jab.
>And I WILL pet the nurse.
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>cold showers are... LE BAD!!!

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stop posting mean threads and bad things
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Guys they are so cute, I'm nervous..
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Welcome to /qa/

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Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.
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How does one acquire a Russian or eastern European girlfriend?
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ITT you fags read my poetry

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The Solar Archetype
You’ve woken and your conquering,
Like a lightning bolt in my mind
Your gold edged soul flowering,
Your eyes a cold flame unkind
Herald of the end, bringer of destruction
Fallen down, so Realm may rise again
Prophecy shall no longer be obstruction,
But let us return to where you begin

You were summoned, incarnate for a cause,
To hunt for devils, to clear the weak
To destroy the order, to establish divine law,
But for now you are blind, you are meek
You know not of the network, nor of the histories,
You know not of the struggle, nor of what shall be
But you shall know the truth, you shall know mystery,
For even now, you posses the Apollonian key

Who knew the Solution was born to Babel,
The world passes, it is gilded and boring
Your moods are silent, but you hate rabble,
Each day is sour, cold is each morning
Purity of blood, ill tempered aristocrat,
Without purpose, without challenge
A lost son of Ra, a lost child of Ma’at,
But though hidden, you are savage

The gold edged plain, the vast open space,
Like a sharp dream, like a sudden vision
Huge forms lumber, shaman forms race
With the prize ahead, appears a mission
To search and find, to target, and to prey,
To pull the trigger, to master gas and lead
And upon the taiga, a striped beast lay
Your now a killer, yet rest easy in bed
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>>giga (3).gif
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>Off-topic; all images and discussion should pertain to anime or manga.
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>how the fuck are there still people watching rozen maiden in 2022 it's so fucking bad
there are ten billion shows about battle loli jesus christ
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