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Ask an italian trap anything!
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Small, newly made discord looking for videogamers, anime and touhou fans.
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at what level are you at /pol/?
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i'm going to mcdonalds what should i get, im pretty hungry
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I wamt more Costanza's
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What did she mean by this?
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A memory of an old friend and a bag of Doritos

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>Goes to small private school
>People who are depressed or are socially anxious are treated as pyschotic and are mistreated
>Gets bullied on daily basis
> One day, two people approach me and offer me to sit with them
>I oblige, in fear of what they could do if I didn't comply
>Turns out they were in the same boat as me
>Grew close over time
>Played smash bros. 3DS during lunch
>One friend would always buy several bags of Doritos
>Person with most wins in Smash gets the Doritos
>I always gave a bag back as a thank you
>Played that throughout the year with a few victories (and Dorito dust) under my belt
>Last day of School
>We part ways until Next schoolyear
>Go back again this year
>Then one friend didn't come back the next schoolyear
>I remembered they had said they would be back
>We never questioned it
>Shortly later other friend had found out what happened. The missing friend committed suicide.
>Didn't have the heart to tell me for a long time
>Last week I had asked him casually on how our friend was doing.
>Friend froze and said, "I should've told you sooner, but she killed herself a few months back, I'm sorry man."
>I burst into tears in front of everyone
>I was speechless for rest of the day
>Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep
>Come back the next day
>Goes to snack store in cafeteria and buys several bags of Doritos
>Walks over to the usual corner
>places bags in the old spot where our friend sat
>Friend looks up, and with tears in his eyes and a bright smile, flips open his 3DS and starts up Smash Bros.
>Sets the Map to Corneria, our always selected map.
>We bet on the Doritos and played a few rounds
>Time to leave
>Casually grabbed a bag and passed it to the direction where my friend once sat as the usual thank you
>I remembered that they weren't there
>friend said, "We'll split it between all of us" and wiped away more tears
>Both split the bag
>We still bet on Doritos and share the last bag together since then

I'll miss you, old pal.
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Trumps face was found inside a dogs anus.

What did God mean by this? Should we impeache?
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Tips to stop biting your nails, please.

Have tried putting awful tasting stuff like tea tree on them, started to develop a taste for tea tree oil instead of fixing it.
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