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Faggots deserve to hang
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Yakutsk 51-year-old Shaman goes on foot without car and without any transportations from Yakutsk to Moscow that expel Putin.

He doesn't love Putin and called Putin by Daemon.

He wants to perform a ritual in Moscow, he says that after shaman ritual Putin must be fall underground and go to hell.

What do you think about it?
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The absolute state of discord fags.
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I love you all!
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I saw two guys holding hands today
Almost puked
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>Go to L O N D O N and match 18 y/o cutie
>Arrange a date
>She says she needs to be back by midnight because she has an "assessment she needs to do for work"

What could that mean? Is she still in school and trying to lie about it?

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oh god im such a retard holy shit a hurr a durr ahurrdurrdddffsdfsffffff

ur mum
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this board and its posters are nice and fun
posting with you makes people happy
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