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what is the most badass nation (excluded USA and Russia, because they are military too powerful to be badass, no war can be won against them) also excluded historical nations like Sparta
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4chan Customization thread...

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Post your 4chan themes!

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This is my waifu. Please be nice to her.
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fansign edition
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>You have come so far, human.
>You realized you got fucked up.
>You are now going into a breakdown.


>unrelated pic
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draw thread, topic: mental disability
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mfw I see people holding hands outside

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what was this guy's name again?
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Oh yeah yeah

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Reminder that all namefagging and attention whoring is ruining this fucking board.
If you want to save this board:
-Don't bump namefag threads
-Don't respond to namefags
-Filter out namefags

This is annonymous forum stop pretending you're special fucking snowflakes and neck yourselves.
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