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kpop general #2346

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I've been a good girl the entire week, where's my reward bantuu?

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/tup/ - Tulpa General - Happy Edition

>What are tulpas?
A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you.
More info:

>What guides do you recommend?
Check these out:

Ask questions and get answers, or discuss tulpas in general.

Other Guides

Tulpa Wiki's Guides:

Waifumancer's guide v1.2 -

Textbooks about Mental Training:

Soundscape Tools
A Soft Murmur:

Lucid Dreaming Site

The No-Bullshit Tulpa Book:
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War Room General 25SEP2020

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Best Korea apologizes to SK for killing one of their officials
Another stabbing in Paris
Israel testing new Sea-to-Sea Missile System. SNAFU.
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Ahhhhh.............yeah im thinking its monster time
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>when you realize you do not matter and you are just a non entity in everyone's life

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>the niggers are blasting their monkey music at 3 AM
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