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Okay...NOW /vp/'s images should be restored, an interrupt to the copy left a lot out that should now be there.

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how can i start a thread without using any images?
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Animu voice actresses are horrible

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A Japanese voice actress is tied to a Yakuza group.

Since /jp/ weaboos don't care, I will post info here.

Have you ever heard of the "baby factory" in Thailand?
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8Jackiechan /monster/ GET

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If 1000000 GET, the flag of anyone from Texas must be changed to an Ammitopian flag for the rest of this board's lifespan.
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Did you believe in one true God?
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Men are naturally gay. Women are a weak, pathetic parasitic species. Their presence suppresses our natural way of reproduction, which forces us to reproduce with them.
They developed lures like "tits" to emulate the glorious male pecs. Fat asses , since we naturally want to fuck asses... male asses.
Women only imitate with fat what men have through muscle.

prove me wrong
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/MKYG/ MK Ultra Youtube General - First Edition

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/pol/ threads getting deleted
/pol/ posters getting banned

>YouTube Kids hosting MK Ultra content, massing MILLIONS of views
>Trauma Based Conditioning, well hidden from 2nd rate parenting
>Vore, scat, kidnapping, you name it
>Pizzagate related/connected

>Anon finds weird codes in those strange YouTube kid videos
>Deciphering leads to Twitter
>Twitter page posts strange codes, some lead to videos
>Videos cause strange emotions in those that view them.
>More codes are being found on YouTube and Twitter
>Some lead to locations such as a place in SC with satanic graffitti

I've been hording up everything into an external independent link.
>All surviving images, links, information
>Suck my dick, mods
Dumping some directly onto the thread

Main Videos
>This stuff has been known to make anons feel sick and screwed up
>Myself included, didn't get passed 5 seconds of a single video

Previous Thread of this Series

Previous Threads by Different Anons
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ITT we pray to Utsuho to make North Korea nuke California

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67 6f 61 74

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67 6f 61 74
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Can someone explain the mentality of 'spoilers' to me? I have never been mad knowing what's going to happen in a plot beforehand. There's mental patients running around who would literally shank you for telling them what happens in shit they won't even watch or read. What the fuck?
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SU is Shit.

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