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Remember when I said "no new thread"?
Now there is.

Enjoy making me suffer unless you actually are sane enough to behave. No offense!
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How do you payback to normies that they manage in their lifes.

>hide cheese under the racks when you are in shop

>walk around the streets at night with bag of salt
>salt normies flowerbeds
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>tfw trap gf who will soon move in with me

We are all gonna make it!
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Did you know what sleeping is good for you
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Weed and getting shit done

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ITT experiences where starting | continuing | quitting weed influenced your ability to get things done, acquire knowledge, stave off depression, maintain social relationships. I don't want to hear from apologists for the stoner lifestyle (you're wrong, just shut up), and neither from rigid moralists who casually deny that mood/mind-altering substances have a played a large and sometimes positive role in the (slow and faltering) progress of human civilizations. I wouldn't mind hearing from sometime or longtime weed microdosers, if there's such a thing.
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Was Hitler right?

Do Slavs deserve genocide?
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Should I mass buy chloroquine from China and resell it as a cure for COVID19 for 200x markup?

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What are the political consequences of people doing this? (die in fire jannies)
The great pharmacy of my city says it has almost run out of it. And it sells for 200$ per kilo (200 cures).
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Kpop General #1619

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big goofy edition
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To all you Sonic Haters

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