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/bant/ anime stream officially discontinued

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You read the subject right!
We are finally discontinuing the stream after a year of activity.
I hope you guys enjoyed it while it lasted and understand why we had to do it.
We wrote our last goodbyes and the links to the episodes currently on the server in the link below:
Goodbye /bant/ stream, you will be missed...
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Marisa riding the fishe
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ITT: take a personality disorder quiz and post results in a screenshot, how mentally ill is /r/The_Banter?
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>be me, Russian shut-in weeb.
>message this girl I have a major crush in. Her name is Susan, very pretty Czech qt3.14 from my school. Summer vacation arrived, so I don't have anything to lose if I fuck up. Shy, but still a bit cute. Definitely a 9.9/10.
>We start talking
>End conversation after a few hours, it was a good conversation. Apparently she's a bit down, but I'll just remember to keep in touch.
>Carry on rest of the day: watch anime, do programming, play some video games, write my book, study foreign languages, try to make music, etc. Just your average N.E.E.T. stuff.
>Fall asleep at ~4:00 A.M.
>Wake up
>Check Bкoнтaктe in the morning as I usually do
>I ask how she is doing--and me being the formal speaker--say her name at the end.
>"im not sus"
>Asks whom this individual is and ready to ask what they're doing with her phone.
>Says their name is "Johnny"
>Also says he was the person from yesterday
>mfw I got catfished, by her friend, who is a male, on her phone, at her house.
>mfw I thought for a whole day that she was into me
>mfw I might get rep as a homosexual
>mfw I fell asleep looking forward to the next day as a day to close my shut-in life.
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Welcome to /bant/

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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

<u>No porn dump threads</u> - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.
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Now that everyone is asleep I can transfer these super secrets files ! I hope I wont drop any of them they are very very very heavy!
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Waifu Generator
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/lig/ loli General

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>May 4th, 2022
>it's /bant/'s 5th birthday
>not that anyone using the board cares
>most notable anons have left
>Yuuka gave up on happy day general after many demoralizations from the thread being spammed to death by factions ranging from anti-anime to anti-gay, though some anon tried to keep it up for several weeks, ultimately failing
>PD, CockEyes stopped visiting, two months and three months respectively, after the board became too much of a directionless shithole after /pol/, /b/, and /v/ were frozen times by staff for over a week
>Chile and Argentina drawfag anons dropped out after their respective drawthreads were washed away with the unending spam from /pol/fags trying to forcibly colonize /bant/ in some autistic operation to "retake" it
>Bumstead, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Singapore, Iraq, Irish birthday anon, aya, flandre, C⌬©⍟ℕυͳ, SHIT POST, Normie, Kek specialist, Duke, even ssp and saudiburger, and various other prolific posters bailed long before this point
>the bunker boards sit as an abandoned graveyard

>only chicanon remains
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Bog 'em anons. These are the doubles that saved /bant
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