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Happy birthday, romanian.
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what conspiracy theory from your country do you believe?
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>open /bant/ thread
>type "dank"
>solve captcha and post
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Stop calling me Yonkers. I don't fucking care if you guys think I live there or not. Just stop causing me pain...
also another thread how will this be like
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How's your cringe compilation coming along, /bant/?
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I absolutely can *NOT* take it easy without my allotment of one (1!) NEET thread!

Let us begin...!!!
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/bant/ renames Stapleton

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We had a thread yesterday discussing the renaming ideas for Stapleton, here are the /bant/ approved names from the last thread

Stapleton was named after a KKK member and now that it is 2018, some progressives want to change its name and is looking for some name suggestions to better fit modern Stapleton.
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got rekt

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>tfw when you spend a week trying to decipher the mysteries of satan to bring down an evil paedophile mind-control group and it turns out be a shitty fucking goth rap group's viral marketing campaign
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My voice is being silenced by free speech-hating Silicon Valley behemoths who want me disappeared forever. It is CRUCIAL that you support me. The Main Stream Meatier™ doesn't you getting the troof! Support me, and also be sure to support my sponsers, BigBrain+++. You too can have a horribly mishapen head by taking these pills!
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