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This is Jackson (aka Asriel / Ralsei)

Yes, that's cum on his face. Turns out He's a huge faggot.
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The other day I was in class, and very sleep deprived. The way I try to keep myself awake is to sip on coffee or something whenever my eyes start closing. Well I had no coffee this time, just a big bottle of water. I was so tired, so I ended up finishing all the water way before the end of class.

As you'd expect, I had to pee really badly after that. I couldn't leave to go to the bathroom because it is a night class, and the doors to this particular room are programmed to lock at 7 pm so nobody can enter unless their ID card is in the system, which mine wasn't at the time.

So I had to sit there in discomfort. I thought whatever, I've done this many time before. But the class dragged on and on, longer than I expected. It got to the point where my bladder was in constant pain, and I was legitimately worried that I was really doing some damage to my bladder. I was certain it was the most full it had ever been.

I was getting nauseous, I couldn't move. When the class finally ended, I immediately gathered my things and rushed out. I couldn't walk properly, it all just hurt so bad. I needed a stall, I can't use a urinal. The stalls on that floor were taken, so I went down one floor only to find that the stalls on that floor were also taken. Finally, on the next floor, the bathroom was completely empty. I entered a stall and pulled down my pants.

To my absolute horror my bladder was distended so far it looked like I was slightly pregnant. I have never seen my bladder distended so much in my whole life. Disgusted at the sight, I sat on toilet and pissed with the force of a thousand suns. There was still a dull pain in my bladder afterwards.

Thoughts on this experience of mine?
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ughhhhhh my cock can only ever get this big

/fakaru/ general #2 - real real edition

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i can make a blog whenever i want and you can't stop me

so uhhhhhhhhhh
i'm still having fun in my own little world
and i like it so much
it's better than living on /bant/, but i still do it anyways
hell, even i can cuddle with my pear waifu (who isn't really present right now.)
aside from that short text, i think i might be going down into the strange path of /bant/...
which is basically being a little bit of an epic person but somewhat in an autistic way

>pic unrelated, probably not mine but who the everloving fuck cares. i love satina.
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Bun ID get!

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The Flag of /France/
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Reminder again nessecary

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Do not give out personal information on the honey pot that is 4chan.
Do not give out details about yourself.
Do not post pictures of yourself.
Not only can Intel agencies use these details to build a profile on you, your fellow user is just as likely to stab you in the back for the lulz.
If anything, stick to wildly innaccurate disinformation.
Thank you for your time.
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