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From most to least cucked, how would you rank these countries?
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>tfw trap gf who will soon move in with me

We are all gonna make it!
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War Room General 01JULY2020

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A/H1N1pdm09 with a twist.
We rise or fall.
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Could state-issued girlfriends fix the incel problem?
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this board smells
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Please, if I ever make a thread and it goes off-topic again. I'm officially losing it!
Just please let me have a thread with discussion! Nice discussion! No derailings! None of that shit!

And yes this is a new thread.
Good morning everyone. Yesterday has been a very confusing day.
The gems already moved out since months ago. The mommy kangaroo has yet to return, and of course mittens' blue brother (that was one time but he actually has one in pic related on right).
And of course, old characters that have been a bit gone but not forgotten ever since the start of Nothing or Nothing Go, and a bit of new changes maybe.
However, at least the current ones I have remain though. I still miss making art of random new characters though, but I'm also still working on Lole News, or hell maybe even THAT show again.
Nothing Go. Based on the comic called "Nothing", right? That was cancelled not due to the ratings, but due to unfinished stuff.
Anyway thread start go. What do you want to discuss about? You wanna do the talking? Then go ahead. Just be nice and no fetish stuff (like shit of course)
(Seriously, I've been working my ass off wanting an on-topic thread bros.)
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Im on vacation in europe lets talk about eating poop and licking cat anus like we always do
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Brown girls
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>Pfft! Your country’s small as hell!
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>blocks your path*
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