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It's my birthday today, but I don't have any friends so you guys are all invited to my birthday party
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Eternal life

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I am in possession of THREE of the secrets to eternal life.
They are ALL simple, and I will reveal one TODAY if you can impress me enough with knowledge.
I am no mason, I hate them, and I want chaos.
Also I don't give a fuck
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itt prettiest anime girls
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Does Trump really think American cars can compete with European cars?
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Hey Americanon marry me.

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>futa is a good fetish and not gay in the slightest
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If dubs /bant/ becomes /glim/
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Animal abuse

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Friend told me about this guy on Instagram that makes videos of him abusing dogs. Pic related. Not being a pussy but abusing animals is just overall shitty
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Fun Fact of the Day

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Katsudō Shashin (活動写真, "motion picture"), sometimes called the Matsumoto fragment, is a Japanese animated filmstrip that is the oldest known anime in existence. Its creator is unknown. Evidence suggests it was made between 1907 - 1912, so it may predate the earliest displays of Western animated films in Japan. It was discovered in a collection of films and projectors in Kyoto in 2005.

The three-second filmstrip depicts a boy who writes "活動写真", removes his hat, and bows. The frames were stencilled in red and black using a device for making magic lantern slides, and the filmstrip was fastened in a loop for continuous play.