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You will NOT call me schizo.
You will NOT call me gypsy.
You will NOT say that I am LARPing.
You will NOT say that I am using a proxy/VPN/whatever the fuck.
You will NOT tell me to take my meds even though I have none to take due to me being of sane state of mind, and you not being (and meds being one of your little indoctrination processes anyway).
You WILL bend to my will.
You WILL tell me how much of a badass I am.
You WILL commit suicide.
You WILL stop being a degenerate hedonist.
You ARE a reprobate kike enthralled by the NWO that only says these things about me due to being a propagandized cur with an agenda.
You ARE a biological subhuman who fears.
You ARE nothing but more tallies added to my count, and don't think you're anything else, muties.
Live like wolves, die like dogs.
God's Army