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Arume Survival - Lol Fagetverse: Falling Sky

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Invasion day, January 16th, 2049. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, huge Arume ships descended from space, filling the skies all over the globe. They dropped off huge numbers of Arume forces who began attacking major cities, capturing civilians and killing any who tried to fight back. Everyone was caught off guard.

January 17th, 2049. As every country has mobilised their military against the alien threat, the skies are filled with the fire from the human's futile efforts to destroy the overbearing Arume spacecraft. Amidst the chaos, above eastern France, one of the Arume ships is struck by an explosion and sent hurtling towards the Earth. The first Arume ship to crash.

You, the players, are one of four ragtag groups of soldiers who're tasked with infiltrating the Arume ship. The mission is simple: Capture any alien technology you can, figure out what caused the ship to crash, and capture a high-ranking Arume for interrogation.