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How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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post hfw she sees your peepee

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A Visual Perspective of /bant/
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some faggot found the 4chan vpns i've used for years and got them permabanned
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FUCK Discord man

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>be me
>have the same discord for over 3 years, survive the closing of at least 3 natsoc/fash discord servers
>be in over 40 servers because im an untidy bitch
>ONE GUY decides to post porn in a server
>i get banned alongside the entire server because ONE GUY did it and got reported
>Discord says im guilty by association and refuses to lift the banning of my account
>but underage gay furry dating servers are ok

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Why do people do this?
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>searching for a good thread in /bant/ like

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Hello, how do you do
I am mr. Discord. I came because I heard people here hate me.
Is that true? If so, why?

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RIP Kabe Bronson we will always miss you. :(
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