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Can't cirnoposters and and frogposters coexist in peace?
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Imagine replying to a discord thread
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What would you do to her /bant/?
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How much of a post do you actually read on average, /bant/? How much of a thread?
I usually pick a single topic I'm interested and focus on that , maybe skimming through some key words on the other posts.
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Art thread: Rating and Discussion
Post Art.

-Real art
-Digital Art
No hentai/porn
No minimalistic/abstract art
No stealling/tracing
Only good posts.

Show us what you can do Anon, this board needs more artistic content.
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Have a safe flight, Carl!

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what did you jerk off to today?
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Over the years I tried to get into multiple hobbies (graphic design, 3d modeling, web design, programming, and learning a language just to name a few) and I always get bored and give up very soon after starting
were all of those thing just not "right" for me or do I just lack the discipline to stick with something until I get good enough to enjoy it?
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Happy day

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