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Stop lurking and tell me how your day has been
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Kpop General #1474

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Smiley edition.
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Kiss me
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imagine having sex with an anime girl and cumming inside her haha
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anime tiddies make me cum
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I want to fall off the face of the earth

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>deleted facebook
>deleted twitter, snapchat, all of that
>instagram is giving me a lot of shit for deleting that too

is it too late? Do I have no chance at anonymity because I used these so much in the past?

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Met a girl on tinder, lads. Nothing more than fuckmeat really but she mentioned she’s a nazi afterwards. Not sure how I feel about this :/

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Gas the Italians, Australians,Slavic, Jews, Muslim, New England.
If you object you get gassed as well.
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sakuya giving the cirno the 4D fishe
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