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say hella yo goose
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mealymouthed imbeciles
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100% orange juice

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lobby: /bant/

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who likes lily white
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/bant/ is dead

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Good naito
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How many sex partners can a woman have in her life before she is a slut?
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Drink Along at Home

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Oh look it's one of these again!
Who gives a shit.
You have like three different kinds of tequila in your house that you want to get rid of? You have a gallon of orange juice your mom gave you after easter that's close to expiring?
Well fuck me sideways, sounds like the tequila sunrise is for you!
Shake the shit out of the tequila and some cherry juice, and throw that in some glass.
Throw in an equal amount of oj, and you got yourself a drink.
Or several considering you haven't done anything productive since like noon!
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