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/bant/ feels like the last vestige of 4chan. I miss the old days.
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daily anger thread

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What are you angry about today friends?
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Happy day

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It's Tuesday night, evening, afternoon or even morning - no matter which part you're in right now, I hope you are doing your brightest at any given time <3
Every day can be cheered if you try, Anon~
Maybe apart of those which take out our most precious of things from life - is it family, confines of home, career or lover's trust.
It could be a sudden accident or just witnessing them fade away, but it's always a tragic experience not everyone can cultivate into brighter future..
So let's cheerish those days, which we still don't know! Let's cheerish those few mundane hours of work, that boredom of healthy person, those minutes where you have to stand in a queue~
Sometimes it's really nice to be over here - to be able to.
To browse 4chan, to have reasons and means of doing so.
It really makes you feel alive, don't you Anon? <3

Ebin videos for today
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kpop general #1474

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smart looking girls edition
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Y'all know the triforce but know it is time for the brimstone :


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tea does wonders for your mind
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post literally yourself
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I really like cute anime girls
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post em
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