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How To Explain 4chan to Normies

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Currently working on a video essay assignment for class.

I have to justify my recurring visits to the site in order to get to explaining the more beautiful aspects of 4chan (comfy threads, [wsg] bumpers, camaraderie, times when people help each other get through shit, etc.) but I can't just explain away all the vitriolic bullshit around the site.

I'm thinking of saying I started looking into /pol/ from a journalistic mindset and accidentally stumbled onto some more pleasant things.

What do you guys think?
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A thread about November and how utterly boring it is if you're not a burger or related culture that does interesting November stuff. Talk about what you're doing, I guess. Nothing interesting planned here other than working and saving up money for buying Christmas junk.
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Rate my new laptop /bant/
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remember to follow the rules
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>tfw no 4chan bf


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A friendly thread on vexillology, where we also discuss the hypothetical flag of this board. Come inside, friends! And don't forget /bant/ extra flags!
/Bant/ is the only board that had its users create its very own Extra Flags spinoff, but with those flags you see in flag of /bant/ threads! If you want more than just /bant/ flags, there are also bonus meme flags and 2hu flags. 100% Compatible with Extraflags.
In order to download:
>Install Tampermonkey or its variant for your browser.
>Then go to and click install bantflags
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Netherland anon are you here?

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What are you currently eating, /r/banter?
I just ate two lobster tails and mashed potatoes, topped with brandy and milkshake. It was delicious, until I got to the brandy which completely overpowered the milkshake.
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