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Q finally answered me and inadvertantly outed himself as a LARPer

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>CodeMonkey announces a salt rotation on 8kun which will reset all tripcodes, including Q's
>I suggest dropping his public PGP key and signing all posts in the future with his key to prove his identity
>PGP signed posts would allow him to post anywhere on the Internet and allow anons to verify the posts came from him
>Q replies that it's against a national security charter to use PGP keys to verify identity online
>PGP keys aren't in the charter but shitty chan-tier tripcodes are approved
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this is a manly thread, post manly things
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welcome to /kuruminha general/

brazillian posters have to post a kuruminha on their posts, also tupiniquim banter is encouraged.

other posters are free to ask anything they want to know from brazillians (you don't need to be afraid, gringos).

everything brazil related is fair game, yonkers need not apply.
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when you shower, how do you rinse the back of your ballsack?

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How many procent change that guy from arab country wants only nationality of the country if he wants to marry a woman after one year meeting a girl?

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Dear /chen/,

It's us, Teh Collective, once again. Except this time it's Teh PinkyBong™ (as always) speaking.

We are finished with your child pornography, gore, and cruel jokes that spread like a snakes bite and ruin the internet. Where have all of the internet's problems come from? Reddit? 9gag? No, no.
Tonight at 12:00am Pacific Time /chen/ will officially come to an end.

"kek u cant do sh*t"

Not only do I have my hacking skills and team aside me, but I also have #AnonUK, the founding group of Teh Collective, aside us.

You're probably all thinking


There is one thing you CAN do. Surrender. I want Hiroshima and ABIB here, with the ID and everything, saying sorry, and banning all of these disgusting things from your website.

As of now, you have 3 and a half hours.

The clock is ticking, gentlemen.

I am Many
We are One
Kill the Men
But not Teh Idea

- PinkyBong™
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