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*Debunks evolution*
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>do/say something stupid
>incident is ingrained into your mind until death
anyone else have these feels
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Dumb shark killed the last thread so I'm remaking it. ugh why can't people just keep things to one thread...

Not much progress with the project. Still.

Let's talk, unless you want to do it somewhere else.
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Gimme some cursed ass memes

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The worst images, just the weirdest and the worst
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anime is trad and the greatest resistance to degeneracy in the modern world, only incels disagree.
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i hate sharks Tsukasa is my Girlfriend
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Play PSO2
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I just want to fuck bantoid boy/girl
or at least just being friends, because I'm lonely.
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MUTATION GENERAL /MUTT-A-GEN/ - No foreskin No Problems edition

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thread to discuss genetic mutations and how to deal with being a mutt.
Weather you're la Goblina, la luz extinguido, la creatura or simply dios mio...
all the mutts ask themselves the same questions : what are the best whitening creams? how to sound like a white person on /pol/? should i shart at wallmart or burger king? how to serve Israel the best you can? we have all the answers for you in this thread!
learn how to be a better american mutt today!
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