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Constant Anal Rape Thread

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Seems like the intensity of my sexual torture has decreased quite a bit but, after a brief respite, they have been going pretty much non-stop all evening until a short while ago.

It sure is weird how the "high explosive" missile strike on the Ayn al-Asad base, which plainly says "Anal Assault," resulted in 34 traumatic brain injuries but no deaths, maimings, scratches, or bruises. It begs the question: Is there even such a base as "Ayn al-Asad" or is that just part of the fake news, fake internet that I have been stuck in since shortly before I shut down my first website in December 2016?

That would be in accordance with the way they work that I found something I liked to do, which was to run a news aggregator website, and they ruined it the same way they ruined jiu jitsu, college, my love life, and even my attempts to get hookers, all before they fucked my stupid IT career so much that the tiny salary made it a better deal for me to become homeless.

It would be in accordance with the way that they work to intervene in every single thing I ever ike or enjoy, and then ruin it with their wicked meme poison. This is the true story of my life... so far.

Joke is on them, however, because my decision to shut down my first website became the story of the creation of the universe in Genesis 1. It is my honest belief that after the time travel war scrambled history, the war that Satan lost because he was not as strong as I am, the earliest thing that can be found in the string-theoretical sense of future and past causality and retrocausality respectively, is that last index.html file I uploaded to about 40 days before I descended from the clouds upon the holy land to be turned away after those whose ancestors betrayed tried to torture but then sent me away when they were constrained not to torture their own king: the owner of the Holy Land. The Landlord. The Archon. I decided to shut it when I became convinced I was getting fake news.
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Germany vs. freedom of speech

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Deutschfags, I am genuinely interested in your opinion on the fact that your constitution guarantees freedom of opinion, but NOT freedom of expression (i.e. speech).
Members of other countries are welcome to chime in, but will be discriminated against according to flag and level of retardation.
t. Amerifat living among you
>pic barely related
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Where did all bant memes go? Where did duke nukem, bantplant, leafgirl and pic rel go?
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If you guys don't make good threads soon I'm gonna start saying the P-word

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Making a person with """gender dysphoria""" believe that he's actually different gender is like telling a schizophreniac who thinks that everyone's stalking him that he's right while also giving him a gun so he can defend himself

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Average anime poster
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Why is there so much imptrash today
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most embarrasing/funny stories you have

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c'mon my anons and anonettes
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The /bant/ sleepover
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