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Oh look, a nice picture of America. Those silly people, camping on the street like that.
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Kill yourself out of /bant/, literal discord tranny

I want to die, but can't...

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Please End my Life, I want to die. I believe in a religion that forbids me from Suicide. And I don't want to go to hell. God has made my life endless Misery and Suffering. There is no way for me to escape this madness. I don't know if I'm mentally ill, retarded, or depressed! I have no fucking clue, but for some reason everything that happens in my life leads to more negative and bitter thoughts and make me act in extremely toxic, and angry ways. This causes everyone to hate me, including me... and I don't blame them. I JUST WANT TO DIE!!! PLEASE END MY SUFFERING!!!!!
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Peace /b/.

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Which Is the more high T choice?
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How do we fix anime, r/banter?
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remember how awesome the I-Spy books were as a kid. I wanted to live in the little world's that were created

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Good morning /bant/
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