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da smells...

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Why do Americans have such smelly anuses?
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I'm just making on of these threads out of habit i guess, despite the fact that i know I'll regret being such a fucking obnoxious shithead once i sober up
man, drinking a cold alcoholic beverage less then an hour after waking uo makes your stomach kinda upset, who would have thunk it
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post what you're listening to right now, /bants/
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Claimed for my wife Suigintou.
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Fuck liberals.
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Anons, i believe it is time we cause another mental breakdown, but this time it will break the shit scale if it succeeds, let's make the Kaaba racist. All we need is a plan.
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but seriously it should look like this when you kiss a girl. (even your relatives)
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Vape kits

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Hey I got the voopoo mojo 88w vape kit and I notice cause the coil is connected directly to the airflow juice tends to come up if I suck even a little hard. Any one got a recommendation for a top airflow vape kit around 100 dollars? Something like the smok vape in the picture

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The weak waifu should fear the strong waifu
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