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Are they the main villains of /int/?
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You have to live in one of these cities, which one would you pick?

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The average gay poster on bant
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>His "country" has a functional """government"""
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Dutch fags I need some help, help me asjeblieft.
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One Apple a day keeps ur mum away

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i'm part of the frick gang.
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Is anyone else fed up of seeing white people on Tv?

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>Be brown male
>Grew up in the UK
>As I got older, started to realize that there's little to no Indian/Pakistani representation in British Media
>When there is, it's usually a brown girl
>NEVER brown males
>Even in football, south Asian players are non-existent
>Tfw we ARE LITERALLY BRAINWASHED to worship white "people"

We make up a sizable portion of the English population.
We never commit crimes.
We boost the economy with our shops
We hate blacks, orientals, jews as much as you do

But we still get ignored by UK citizens. Worst of all, whites often make fun of us daily. Just today, a white kid just called me a Paki on the streets

Thanks to /pol/, I get extremely angry whenever I see white people on the streets or on TV.

Fuck you for making our lives miserable. Fuck you for treating us like second class citizens. I'll probably emigrate to India once I complete my GSCE
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