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Am I the only person here that only sees porn ads in 4chan? Is this a regional problem or are all the ads the same, globally? It's extremely annoying, and I hate to say this, but I'll probably use an adblocker until it gets fixed.
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It's time for a nice 9!
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Black women

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Do you love black women? Why / why not?
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she does not like frogs
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Everyone let it all out. Tell me your biggest secrets/regrets and I will coddle you until I go to bed
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Hey uhhh... you guys... uhmmm... wel... uhhh.... do you.... uhhhh.... uhmm.... like this europe?
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This is American Central Command. We request a ceasitation of hostilities with Romania. We surrender you're too strong
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>he cucks for Yang
Bug men from china should get a bullet.
Look at all these non-Americans pushing for (((Yang))), dumb discord trannies.
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