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Fucking Mods

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So /pol mods have been getting butt hurt lately about all of our Nigger and Cracker hate threads and have been shutting down threads and issuing bans. They have instructed us to come here because our content is not "political in nature" fucking kikes right?

With that being said faggots and chomos of /bant can we get a good nig nog hate thread going on here?

Post your best and extra points for whitey beating down darkie.
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what's with all the horsefuckers?
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Someone should morph the Laura meme with that dead chick that looked like Laura Palmer that hit a tree. Yes Im on drugs and haven't slept in 3 days but thats not the point anon
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you thought you were free from american shitposting during certain hours
you thought wrong
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whats the cheapest booz u can find in ur city?
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Thanks 4chan, very cool

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How do I get a big gf?