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Netherland anon are you here?

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What are you currently eating, /r/banter?
I just ate two lobster tails and mashed potatoes, topped with brandy and milkshake. It was delicious, until I got to the brandy which completely overpowered the milkshake.
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Fast Food Yarns

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What are your tales about dealing with the burger industry, r_banter?
>Inna run down Burger King from the 90s
>Bathroom smells like nobody has cleaned the stalls in years
>Order burger
>Burger doesn't have a patty
>Ask for patty
>Person running the front is some sort of caveman that can't speak in an intelligible language
>After 10 minutes accumulating into showing him that the sandwich physically has no bun, he finally gets the issue and physically grabs and places a patty into the burger
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Sterotypes That You Actually Like

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I for one do not mind that people stereotype Americans as cowboy burger-munchers. Considering the alternative is something California-related, it's downright flattering IMO.
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How do Australians live with each other?

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You all seem like insane cunts, not in a good way
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fashion today is terrib-
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Henderson island off the coast of Britain is uninhabited.
Why doesn't /bant/ take it over?
We can make our own nation yo.
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haha look at him - oh no
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I give swords to people high on drugs

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You also can get this dirt cheap from amazon prime, If you order 100,000 of them you may get a discount
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