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When I was on HS all the black guys used to fuck the hottest white girls and one of that girls was the gf of the richest guys on my HS we all saw him crying when her gf broke up with him and moved to Another town just for the humillation that her exgf leave him for a hung black athlete.
Blacks are superior?

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'sup motherfuckers, it's ya boi;me!
gib me attention so i can delude myself into thinking i matter
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why do jannies and mods ban normal people and leave spam up for days?
anyone that posts slightly off topic has their thread deleted and the user banned but bbc interracial porn by memeflags stays up. Even when bbc turkish cuck posters are in the middle of spamming /pol/ they delete and ban me and the spammer doesnt get touched.
I think its clear at this point that the mods and cuckjannies are paid off to allow the spam.

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How much of the electric Jew do you let your kids watch?

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heard you were talking shit about me, pathetic cumskin.

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I just fell in love with a bad bitch
Told me that she love me too, baby I'm not havin' it
Sniffin' cocaine cause I didn't have no Actavis
Smokin' propane with my clique and the bad bitches call me Cobain
She can see the pain
Look me in the eyes, girl we are not the same
Bitch I make it rain on my side bitch, shout out to my main
Fell in love once and I've never been the same

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This man runs up to you and starts vigorously rubbing your head. You respond by shrieking while violently shitting your pants.

What do?

/trvug/ - traditional romanian values upholdism general

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+++they+++ will not divide us edition
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Say NO! to Green!

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Blue IDs and Nice 9s are all you need for a good time!
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