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I want to go to Colombia, what do you think /int/?
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What happened with the thread, I fell asleep, will post the few screenshots I got. Were any developments made? was it fake?
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Is there any chance I'll be able to meet my hero in the future?
I miss him
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give me more energy please
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Dark skin black women are made for BWC.
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i have filed for bankruptcy
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>most internet people

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>be me
>be degenerate sperg
>drive to Merrillville to meet a black hooker
>keep a loaded glock in the glove department because you never know
>get to the address
>bitch ignores my texts and calls once I get there
>start driving home to Hammond
>looking at Google maps
>cops lights come on
>remember I don't have my carry permit
>grab glock and put it under my Hoodie on the floor in the back seat floor passenger side
>Park car
>"you've been drinking? Got any weapons?"
>no officer
>other cop uses light to check my car
>"there's a gun in the back seat"
>cooperate even though 3 cops are pointing there guns at me
>tell me to stand behind my car
>be put in hand cuffs
>cop changes tone from "why the fuck didn't you tell me" to "hey man I'm all for the 2nd amendment"
>"oh well I'm glad" being polite and agreeable
>get taken to police station
>while he's driving me there he keeps saying how he's all for gun rights but he's just doing his job
>I understand officer, you're just following protocol
>says if I get my carry permit before the cort date it'll look very in court
>get to jail
>says due to covid i don't need to pay for the $500 bond
>just a signature saying I'll show up to court
>cop gets another cop to drive me home which is 23 miles away
Well I lost my glock till late November
How was your night /pol/?
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