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I want attention again

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I let my other thread die but not this time!

Tell what are you up to anons?
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Lonely Friday

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No texts to go out on a Friday night? Same.

Moved back to hometown after dropping out of college, now in trade school. I'm a pretty funny guy, loved by my teachers and liked by the rest of the class, but once I get home, my social life resets to zero.

It's like my alter ego is a secret loner who just drinks by himself on Fridays, writes lore, and eats too much. I got an invite from my electrician friend to fuck around with drones at his place tomorrow, so that's a win I guess

Spill out your beans, I won't judge you and I got nothing else to do but read

I'm Going to Eat This Book

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Page X Uploaded!

ice cream episode was fun, keep an eye out for the lit and ck cross-threads with their own topics!
do you want a live event or alice-style reply cooking but without the bullshit of alice? I can try one of those this weekend as a test.
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Why do some people hate Alice so much?
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Why do people demolish buildings and replace them with concrete blocks?
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/bant/, what are the most and least based US states and why?

Most based:
>People are cool, weather and geography are comfy

Most cringe:
>pic related, the average californian
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My thread

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I'm drunk. These porn ads are turning me on. I'm bored. This is the thread I made

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Anyone else here a secret homo? I have a wife but desu it’s only because I need something from her. I’ve been messing around with my twink neighbor it’s awesome
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