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2019 will be the last year to end in "teen" for a very long time.
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hows life
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Cern the video game

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>girl who works for CIA is working at CERN. 'father figure' opens portal to 'infraworld' which is a place where dead souls and demons are. Demons are coming into our world and the girl is only one who can shut down portal.
>China attempts to build new LHC, but the Pentagon makes a deal with the girl to stop them, and she can go free.
>girl archives mission but is only being used to give USA total power over the infraworld. Pentagon head decides you can't leave, and he won't kill you either. So he slowly puts you into a coma until the father figure decides to combined the underworld with the real world.
>all hell breaks loose
>black sun Saturn.

Predictive programming at its finest. Why do they keep showing us this outcome from movies, TV, and video games. They are so driven to bring about the end of the world.

Latest cern news.

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Good day, commonfolk. I, the plague doctor of /bant/, bring sad news. I’m afraid to say that I cannot participate in this board any longer. It seems that my war against the gays never really got anywhere since they are still here and more lively than other. Along with many prominent anti-gayposters like CockEyes also leaving. I hope once this place turns to the better that I can come back
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I stopped watching porn after this holy shit.
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*blocks your path*