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I'm really sad bant

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I often think about how good my life was until s(he) took everything away from me. I honestly wished I never did this. I wish I left "her" alone and went on with my life. I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts again. If I make it out of this I don't think I have anything to live for. I think I'll just kill myself after s(he) is put to justice. Does bant have any music for this feel

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Reminder that leafs are best posters

When you have a leaf i your thread treat him with respect
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/bant/ Cancer games

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So Fagmark is being an autistic retard again, so I’m back with another thread. I added a few more characters because we only had 3 more tributes left befor Fagmark ruined it, and he will probably ruin this one when he sees it, but we are going to do this, because I’m giving the finger to that autistic Dane.
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Daily reminder to activate your anal rape implants
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What's his catch phrase again?
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Why are people such fucking faggots about murdering of animals in games?

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I’ve noticed that when anyone murders an animal in any game a bunch of retards go and bitch about it like fucking pussies and don’t think that it’s a fucking game. Why do they bitch and moan about this? If anything it make me want to murder animals in games more. I know this is probably something off-topic but I just wanted to know and /v/ (which is a shitty board) will probably call me a racist somehow anyways.
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Why is it that every person I know that's posting support for abortion also happens to be a massive whore?
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