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y-you stepped on my tail...
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invisible people mean invisible feet. i cant wait for the invisible feet people to ambush me when i least expect it and force me to smell their invisible feet
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Why did this trigger a yurifag to commit arson?
There are plenty of other yuribait shows too.

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>move to a different town
>go register at local health centre
>receptionist gives me form to fill out
>sit down in waiting room and start filling out
>get down to part where I tick which gender I am
>options are male, female and gender diverse
>dotted line next to gender diverse says 'please describe'

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This was a nice thread.
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>be me
>be at a hotel restaurant
>order pepsi
>the waitress opens a glass bottle, puts a straw in it and give it to me
>eat dinner
>be thirsty
> think about ordering another pepsi
>not really feeling like drinking an entire pepsi at the spot
>remember that my friend ordered a kofola and got it in a plastic bottle
>order kofola
>pay for kofola

I'm ded

I feel dirty

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Rare flags

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Summoning rare flags
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First time on 4chan and I am so fucking lost and scared
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