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cocoa van houten

History if Everything and more

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Just recently there came news about a huge impact crater in greenland that is possibly 12.000-15.000 years old

Metallic mini particles from that time hinting to a huge impact from around the same time
clearly says there was a mass amount of biomass burning at the same time

and göbekli tepe speaking of exactly that event at the exact time

additionally Hancock spoke about the alignment of the Pyramids and Angkor wat from precisely that point in time before ANY of the news above came out.

For reference, on the other hand we have people like Zahi Hawass shilling the standard model
remember the first guy was/is in charge of excavations in egypt, and pretty much blocks every attempt of any study and appearently never even heard about göbekli tepe. thats a guy that is seen as an authority on the subject. let that sink in

In one of hancocks documentaries, quest for the lost civilization he has a talk with zahi hawass where you see again that he pretty much denies any alternative theory without even considering it
Now i wonder who is more credible?

pic related by the way is found across the world over and over again. no idea what its supposed to be though. heard people suggesting its a rudimentary depiction of atlantis, the world tree, the brain. but no idea really. just look up "labirynth petroglyph"
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There are no good threads on bnat(double checked) right now so I'll add one
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>mfw i have a danish proxy one rn
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alright buddies i smuggled some of the coronavirus outside china, who wants some?
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The new flag of China
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Corona Chan

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