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>If it has a dick it's g-
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uuuuuhhhhhhh hiiiiiiiiiii dudeeeeeees, like, ummmmmmmmmmm, i just wanted to say that i like, ummmmmmm........ I SECRETLY LOVE TRANNIES AND STUFF...... there...... like, i said...... ugh..... just wish they'd fuck me up my ass with those penises made out their legs...... uuuuuuuuuugh literally like what could have been like ugggggghhhh

meta thread for retards to get angry at

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based posters:
all aussies
all kiwis

okay posters:
desu (non cringe ralsei incarnation)
based leafs

cringe posters:
all tr*nnynigger posters
all pooftah posters
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Rejecting Parsee's gift!
Breaking Pasee's heart!
Watching Parsee cry!
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tr*nnyniggers fuck off

Hey guys, Elliot Rodger here

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So I think Fagmark has finally calmed down or gone to sleep or something, so I guess now it’s time to host my /bant/ Cancer games now. I got the tributes and the game ready, so let’s do this.
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Who is this Youtuber and why is he the greatest thing to exist since Baked Alaska?