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Can we get him some autism medication please?
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>state issued GFs but they're black women

Do you accept /pol/
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ITT: Charts and maps

Pull the Plug

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> Create a new Q-division
> Call it "Operation Theta"
> Say it is a different mil. division,
> disconnected from but friendly to Q
> "Compartmentalized"
> Create new following
> Lead them in exactly the same way
> Expose the mechanics
> Free all the Q slaves in the process

just gonna say it

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Arume Survival Part V Episode 15 cont.

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Last season of Arume Survival, won't be taking any new players. join the discord though to play on other people's threads.

https://discord dot gg/7qJhYfc
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Burgerfats must be killed

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As an American, I never really had a great idea of what makes Americans so bad in the eyes of others. Then I realized the difference between /b and /bant, and realized one has shit loads of Americans, and the other is more internationally based.

I'm not even a lefty or anything. But the more I scrolled through /b, the more I realized that the degenerate pictures and porn dumps kinda lent credence to the idea of Americans being consummate hedonists incapable of articulate thought. The only threads with speech on /b concerned how gay something was or accompanied a picture meant to maximize shock value.

Meanwhile here, everyone has their heads on straight and discussion is actually completely normal, and the reason why I was drawn to 4Chan in the first place. We need to ban American IP addresses, for the good of the site
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