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So, we have ''homophobic''.
Then with the rise of trannies, we got ''transphobic''.
And now we have ''islamophobic'' as well, which is just plain fucking retarded.
What's next? Pedophobic? Yonkersphobic? I'm certainly Yonkersphobic.
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Touhou is a polytheistic web religion with lots of local cults all across the boards and sites,
Isn't it?
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/bant/craft V is almost a year old edition

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Java Version 1.15.1 (you cant play with cracked minecraft)

If you are a returning player and you havent played since tha start of the new world type /spawn so you wont fall endlessly in the void.

Notable Plugins: BetterSleeping, Brewery, dynmap, Essentials, Greentexting, HeadDatabase, Hugs, ImageOnMap, Lands, mcMMO, OhTheDungeonsYouWillGo,Shopkeepers, UltimateTimber

We have two worlds Cirno and Youmu. Cirno is the old world it is creative mode world now. Youmu is the new world, it is a survival world (everyone plays here now). Inventories between the two worlds are not shared.

We use lands to prevent griefing.
To create your own land type /l create <land name>.
You can have 2 lands and be part of maximum 10 lands.
To claim territory to your land move to an unclaimed chunk and type /l claim
You can also use a worledit style selection to claim lands by using /l selection then you select the area and type /l claim
You can change various settings regarding your land by typing /l
You can also teleport to other people's lands if it is allowed by typing /l spawn <land name>
To teleport back to your own land type /l spawn

We have doomlike and rougelike dungeons where you can find nice stuffs and dogecoins

We use dogecoins which you can use to buy anime tiddymaps (or whatever image) or anything you find in the shop.
Shop is at the new world's spawn or /warp youmu
You can get dogecoins by looting doomlike dungeons, rougleike dungeons, vanilla dungeons, burried treasures and mansions
9 Dogenugget = 1 Dogecoin
9 Dogecoin = 1 Dogebrick

Here is a tutorial I how to make your own shopkeeper:

We have /bant/rooms (backrooms) as jail for niggers and shcizos where they can wonder endlessly forever.

Dynmap is same ip but type :8123 after the ip in the browser

For discuck invite bully anyone on the sever who is on discord to make them bully discuck jannies to send you an invite link.
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the flag of /bant/
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I can't believe alice is fucking gone
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boi bride
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Riddle me this...

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How the fuck can they ban PinkyFoil for ban evasion, when he's only existed for 60 fuckin' minutes!

I used like s4s

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