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What was Lovecraft cat's name?
I forgot...


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I love China. Do you love China?
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Say “reddit reddit” with your mouth closed. What did you just say? Hehe

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I'm so fucking smart holy shit! i can't even stress how knowledgable i am! Like damn. So fucking smart!
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reminder to commit suicide
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What happens here?
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I don't think I ever got the chance to tell you this /ban/t but you're welcome for all the hilarious and insightful posts I've contributed over the past few months. You don't know who I am because I'm not a namenigger but I know you appreciate me regardless. You're welcome.

Can anyone translate this

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I picked up an old family heirloom painting of a soldier probably from the Austria-Hungary empire. What is the translation to English, or at a minimum, what is the language? Many thanks.

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Cats are trash.