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What is the purpose of society? Why cannot I live in peace?

Viruses DON'T Exist

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And bacteria is not contagious.

> Since the early 1990s, German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka has been at the forefront of challenging the medical theory stating that viruses are the cause of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, the flu, polio, herpes, or measles. Caroline Markolin has presented Dr. Lanka’s activities in her lecture video “Virus Mania” in great details (watch Part 2 of the recordings on this website – starting at 08:08).

Based on his studies in virology, Dr. Lanka discovered that viruses are vital components of simple life-forms that do not exist in complex organisms such as humans, animals, or plants. His research shows that the viruses believed to cause “viral infections” are in reality ordinary cell particles that have been misinterpreted as constituents of the viruses in question. Dr. Lanka also determined that viruses don’t have a destructive effect on the host, as commonly believed. These findings are in full accordance with the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who demonstrated already in the 1980s that contrary to the standard theory, microbes do not harm the organism but play instead a supportive role during the healing process of diseases (see Fourth Biological Law of the New Medicine).

Link to Stefan Lanka's Bitchute presentation where he explains the lie around viruses and bacteria. And how even the Black Plague was not a disease, but a way for Jews to kill the goyim using (((medicine))).

More videos about Lanka's theory (from the quote above):

Viruses are NOT real.

> So what causes disease?
Environmental toxins. Things like chemicals and radiation interacting with natural toxins like mycotoxins from mold. Processed and other toxic foods.

> What about the flu?
Happens due to change in barometric pressure (this is my own theory). Barometric pressure changes happens when climate or temperatures change rapidly. Therefore you get sick during spring and autumn.
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Doctor sentenced to 5 years in prison for dealing prescription drugs

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A Kentucky psychiatrist was sentenced Friday to five years in prison and three years of supervised probation after pleading guilty last year to dealing drugs.

Dr. Peter Steiner, who ran Kentuckiana Mental Health Associates in Louisville, was charged with distributing controlled substances without a medical reason in March of 2018, and a grand jury indicted him in June of the same year. The doctor initially maintained his innocence but later pleaded guilty to the charge last March.

According to the indictment, Steiner prescribed or distributed medically unnecessary drugs including Buprenorphine and fentanyl to multiple patients over the course of several years.


lamp shades

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gorrillions of foreskins. metzitzah. uss liberty. no planes. robbie parker lol.

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ayo white boy! pick a card!
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Don't ask me anything.
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Just took a cold shower

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Appreantly it breaks curses. Lets see how this fucking goes. Was the worst fucking 3 minutes of my life in that shower jesus fucking christ.

bant tf2 server!!

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1. Open TF2
2. Open the console with ` and enter:
3. connect

If you can't open the console, do the following:
1. Hit settings
2. Select advanced
3. Enable console

>What's new this week?
Unfucked the vote system
more new maps in the cycle
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