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she does not like frogs or jannies

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What does /pol/ think about No-Plane theory?
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So this is the power of nordic civilizations
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>r9k is a bad board

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If you haven't been a physical confrontation and taken at least a few punches and given a few punches you aren't a man. Prove me wrong.
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Burton Snowboards Claims To Be ANON

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When I went skiing last year I saw a lot of Burton gear.....being a former employee I noticed the new gear right off.

When the guy flew past me, I saw the name ANON on the helmet......

What is this, another knockoff Vermont scam, I said?

Turns out that Jake Burton wanted to disappear and play the market with a new name for his clothing lines.

These Snowflakes absolutely HATE 4chan..... what's up with that? My buddy was trashing the site the other day and felt it necessary to take sides with Antifa, saying that 4chan was a dump.....literally claiming that they were only in 3 violent attacks and that those were spawned by the "Country Boys".

Seems that they think they can steal any term or tech they want, brand a pop product with the Chan image, and hide in a corner of the country claiming to own the hills.

These are some of the most backasswards business people on the planet, and to see a name as strong as Burton, then needing to hide and play ANON on the slopes was an amazing discovery for me.

It answered a lot of questions about the businesses that are running fronts for the Jewish Takeover of Vermont.


His boss at Burton argued with him over a news article....and the guy wanted to prove him wrong, so he went on Stormfront to show how violent Antifa was. Now Burton's IP is on the FBI's Most Wanted Hotlist?

This IS Burton......I can't believe it.

They stole the name from the crew and are running a fucking wannabe monopoly on snowboarding.

All I know is that when the Hacktifags claimed they were "Anonymous" that the latest rage in styles came out in Vermont.

The head faggot decided to close ALL Vermont manufacturing and move it to Austria.....closed out their own crew and the Homemade Hero became the Whore of the Hills overnight wearing the invisible label ANON for a fashion statement.


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All hail Basedwanger!
>An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the National Socialists.
>He kills untermenschen and doesn't afraid of anything.
>Earned a Knight's Cross, the highest military award of the National Socialists.
>Came up with dozens of creative ways to kill Jews, each one enough to bring a tear of admiration to Zyklon Ben.
>His brigade is estimated to have killed 170,000 partisans.
>His symbol, the crossed grenades is still used by National Socialist remnants.
>Was given a concentration camp to run. Went above and beyond by exterminating the undesirables placed in it.

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I’m horny
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I used to be a mercenary

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Ask me anything
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Every day I wake up and go on /bant/, and what do I see? I see anime. I see people being gay. I see people being gay whilst posting anime. Only a literal retard would deny the connection at this point, and I know at least half of you guys are not that far gone.
Seriously, it needs to fucking stop. Every thread with the generic 'lol i'm gay' or 'tee hee i'm not homo but i do [faggy thing] OP is made by an An*MEfag. Every single fucking one. And then all the gayposters flood in, like roaches when you turn off the lights, and it's another thread that'll spend a day at the top of the catalogue, fuled by faggoty circle jerking.
I'm sick of it. Just fuckign go outside and find a bf and stop posting here. Anime is a fucking disease, gay is the symptom, and a noose is the cure. Fuck you.