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Nordic thread

Discuss nordic countries, nordic posters, and post nordic music.
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Thank you everyone of our fen.
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look at them yoyos
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>8,000+ replies in less than 2 hours
>not even the fastest thread in /pol/ history during the 2016 Presidential Election moved that fast
>and that was during when /pol/ was moving 200+ replies every 30 SECONDS
>and that was also during two other 1,000+ posts threads running at the SAME TIME
>basically all of 4chan's moderation staff is monitoring the current sticky and are overloaded by the amount of posts and threads on /a/ even with a sticky up
>the flooding is so bad it is leaking into /v/, /pol/, /qa/, /bant/, [s4s], /b/, /co/, and /tv/ all at the same time


It's like some multi-faceted super attack the likes of which 4chan has never seen. What part of "bigger than the 2016 Presidential Election" doesn't scare you? Don't you get that even if every single person on 4chan at this time was posting, including the lurkers, even THAT wouldn't have gotten 8,000+ posts in less than 2 hours? This means that this is ORGANIZED...but by who? And...WHY?! Even /a/ is apoplectic as to where the hell everyone is coming from.

Who would waste such a monumental on a freaking anime spam invasion?
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never anger ashley
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Virginity loss thread

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>Be me
>Ready for bed time
>Time for ritual meat beating before bed
>Throw tissue filled with baby gravy to the floor and go to sleep
>Next morning there are hundreds of ants swarming the tissue, feeding on that sweet nut juice protein
>mfw worker ants are female
>Technically there are hundreds of females lining up to feast on my cum

See you later virgins

*slaps your waifu's ass*

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what do?
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Seven, eight, and nine.
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>be me
>a handsome totally lonely boi drinking Kofe
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