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I've been scrunching my nose since before Christmas and I can't stop!
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kot id

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Guess what the first thing i did when i woke up
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I am still doing my A levels (for Americans, A levels take you up to age 18 so it doesn’t mean I am underage), so this will give you some context.

A girl went up to me and asked if I had a girlfriend, she was a few academic years below me (still studying GSCE), I said no. She isn’t my type at all. So she asked me if I wanted her to be her girlfriend, I told her I didn’t even know her. She said she was serious about her question, and said she liked boys like me (she said she like me because I was smart, more reserved etc.), she said she wanted to get to know me. She then asked for a Snapchat, I told we her I didn’t have Snapchat, she then asked for my phone number but her phone was dead so then she asked for me to keep her phone number and call her and I agreed. Now she expects to call me, but as I said, I am not really interested in her. It was the first time a girl asked me this, and I kept mumbling throughout the whole thing and I wanted to die. She was with a group of other girls, and we met again a few times after that while walking home but the whole thing was incredibly awkward. Now she is expecting me to call her, and I can’t bring myself to not call her.

What in the actual hell do I do, my incel instincts go against this and I am writing this post out like some ultra newfag because of how nervous I am.
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Any good sugar free ones? Don't like sweeteners at all but have found the yellow and orange monsters to taste okay. this processed shite is making me put on weight so i have to stop drinking the money waster drink

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Ever been stressed /bant/? What do you do to relieve it?
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/bant/ fc