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Hey italian, I am still here and the Bulgarian was just a guy on a proxy >>12559240
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snippety snap
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Dear Japanese Bros

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Why have none of you murdered Junko Furuta's attackers? The Yakuza is a fucking joke now and I know you guys aren't shy to gut a scumbag piece of shit infront of a live audience. Why not give those boys what they deserve? Hell, some keep boasting about their disgusting deprivity. If the government won't hang them, you've got trees and hardware stores, go do it yourself, even if you can't get a rope, they've got intestines. Fucking hang them.
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I smoked a bit of weed and it relaxed my anus so well i need to shit now
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Are you a Floppa person?

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should i cancel it

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I think I got it now.
Most of the men has a little dick, 13 cm is small guys, because people supposed to fuck children.