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Why is /pol/ an echo chambe worse than Reddit? The moment an opinion exists outside of the far right, storm- and christniggers pile on, everyone's a shill and everything's a slide thread. Worst case, some autist starts halfassedly flooding a thread with edgy gore or WW2 / far right imagery like some Twitter sperg trying to do damage control before some other autist calls for a Janny.

Why is that board worse than Reddit at this point?
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/reddit9k 2.0/ - Schizos/Attention-whores
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stupid moron


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#launchamerica 4chan fill with shitpost this live twitter feed is #launchamerica its on nasa live youtube channel it appears sometimes

Fren Time

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Say something nice about the country of the poster above you. Ignore memeflags.
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hello people how are you doing?
do you want to be friends with me
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