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How long until you propose to gf?

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>dating for a year and a half
>she’s 25
>I’m 29
>positive I want to put my seed in her
I just don’t know if a year is too soon? I know /pol/ advice is retarded, but help me out bros, I don’t talk about this a lot irl (at all)
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I want loner gf
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You fat anime slobs should all be exterminated, you pieces of useless garbage.
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Your favorite Italians
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Karen Kujou is so cute
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Animal abuse

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There is a guy on youtube that has been uploading videos of cats that have been brutally killed or harmed. Can someone please put an end to this
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The whites can't handle being bullied by their peers.
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There's a common opinion that internet space makes people detached from their relaity and that's all is some kind of an escapism. But if so many people escape from relaity, doesn't the space they escape to turns into the reality. And therefore when you enter the web, you enter the actual reality. Isn't it the Plato's Word of Ideas itself in that case? Or maybe it's just an illusion my mind created in order to cope with all these corruption delivered to it via this language I poorly use to express myself every day. For me It's really hard to imagine that someone unironically uses English on daily basis and that there are the whole nations and peoples which are built on it. I'd rather accept the lifness of Latin, to be honest. The Web is such a boring and depressive place yet it can be compared with the tobacco addiction when you begin to smoke bcs everyone around you smokes and then can't simply quit.
In fact all I the things I'm posting about are: a bunch of connected servers, a few millions of souls searching and the language which provides my full deattachment fron the relity.
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