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killed an an*ME thread

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Post funny rdog edits

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Hey guyz, Its me videogamedunky. Ill have the speghetti and meatballs
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What's the Awoo Japanese song Metokur has been playing lately?

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i'm not a weeb but i like the nostaligia feel it has.
pls help.
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I am seriously considering committing suicide

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I can't take it anymore. Thinking is just so painful to me, I feel like my brain is on overdrive 24/7 just making these horrible thoughts inside my head and I have no idea what to do about it. I am taking antidepressants but they don't work. I feel like crying every single day, I can't distract myself from anything at all, all I can do is think and think and think
im sorry i posted that pic i really dont have anything else to post
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shion is so cute
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I haven't cut my hair in a whole year
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