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Hey you damn kids! Stop playing on my thread!

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i'm going to go get a cookie cake from the store also waiting to go to germanys house (230 days remaining)
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>stayed up late again
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imagine getting gently and lovingly hugged by repa's arms AND her hair at the same time
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Fast Food Yarns

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What are your tales about dealing with the burger industry, r_banter?
>Inna run down Burger King from the 90s
>Bathroom smells like nobody has cleaned the stalls in years
>Order burger
>Burger doesn't have a patty
>Ask for patty
>Person running the front is some sort of caveman that can't speak in an intelligible language
>After 10 minutes accumulating into showing him that the sandwich physically has no bun, he finally gets the issue and physically grabs and places a patty into the burger
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>american processed cheese
>sandwiched between two pancakes
truly the height of american cuisine
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If dubs Stanley was murdered
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remember to follow the rules
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