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>tfw no bf
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bah bah, I'm a sheep.

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kot or not

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imagine how much fucking porn there is on the wired
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Trap ass.

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>How I failed NNN

- This lady lets loose a barrage of long farts right in front of me today. I end up getting uncontrollably horny by her flatulence and end up nutting in my pants..

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I'd like to slice your fucking face off

And before you fags start implying,
it's a gif, and if you load it and wait long enough, it turns into Fagmark's avatar.
Or if you open the gif in Photoshop, GIMP, Preview, etc. it can show both frames immediately.

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>he didn't drink his 8 glasses of water today
what the fuck is wrong with you anon
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This is 1) accurate. Or 2) absolutely accurate. Which is it?
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