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>computer fan revving at high speed
>open task manager to see what's up
>CPU usage suddenly goes from 100 to 0

I make too many of these

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Good morning, /bant/!

How are you? Did you sleep well?
Do you have any plans today? ^_^

Today I'm going to remind you to change your clothes and to clean your livingspace!

And just remember, It'll get better.

As I said in a previous thread, what seperates a good day and a bad day is your attitude!

I love you frens!
You all mean so much to me, so stay safe!
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ID with TRUMP becomes the President of /bant/.
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Howdy howdy folks how y'all doing?
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reply to this thread or your mother will sleep tonight

Planetary Sound

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Is it a coincidence that Saturn sounds like screams from hell?

Saturn's sound is the only one that makes me feel uneasy, is there a connection here to the Saturn worshipers?
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