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I just want to fuck bantoid boy/girl
or at least just being friends, because I'm lonely.
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War Room General 25SEP2020

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Best Korea apologizes to SK for killing one of their officials
Another stabbing in Paris
Israel testing new Sea-to-Sea Missile System. SNAFU.
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That's my chiruno

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tell >>11358162 to buzz off

Seriously stop telling me to make threads every time, especially when someone who barely knows anything about my project uses my damn work.
He's a dumb human. Dumb dummkopf.
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*breathes in*


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What happened with the thread, I fell asleep, will post the few screenshots I got. Were any developments made? was it fake?
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Is there any chance I'll be able to meet my hero in the future?
I miss him
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do you like fall? i like fall
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Constant anal rape thread

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Loud banging on my ceiling with simultaneous activation of the rape dick and electroshock implants.

Pic related, here's a lot of the guys who were playing disguise monster with the manager at Alliance also playing disguise monster with Putin.
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dunno what to put here

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how do I make the loneliness stop bantu
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