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Herr hovmester? Kan jeg få en hivladning? Utgaven
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why the fuck does british milk come in plastic jugs and why does it taste like shit

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im bebe

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Anime is gey

You are all gey

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Everyone is on low fiber diets these days and it angers me. Too many people not pooping correctly, too many people using a whole roll of toilet paper every time they poop because it all gets stuck up their bums because they have poor digestion! I only have to wipe my bum once and it's squeaky clean.
I've been in public toilets before and these people leave all dried flaky poop, combined with hairs all over the seat, it's disgusting!
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meanwhile, in mexico

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meanwhile, in mexico
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Hi there, welcome to "bant", my personal blogging website!

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Today i almost overslept but I jumped out of bed at 830 and was able to make it to work on time. Unfortanetlt i didnt have time to eat full breakfast ;((( so i had to get coffee and DONUTS (score!) instead. Now its lunch time and im eating a big turkey sandwich with jalapeno peppers and a lemon lime seltzer. Catch yall on the flip side!