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Philippinesfag here

Literally the only white people I have seen are 50 to 60 year old guys.

They are most commonly seen at malls.

9 times out of 10 they are looking for philippines pussy

Pic semi-related
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Doing it because I'm feeling like you guys are getting black-pilled and (more) insane with the absolute state of Earth.


(((Mods))) will probably shut it down, but I'm counting on you, anons, to put /SIG/ threads back up every single time.
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This thread only for blue ID's

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>tfw no eesti

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ay ay ayy
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Bulge Thread 2: The Embulgening

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Big Brained Edition
Post images, watch them get bulged. No gay or furry stuff.
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I had a dream recently where I made a thread with this exact image, typing something like "There are actually infinite amount of realities out there, right in front of your eyes. Imagine seeing infinite amount of yourself and realising that you are currently thinking with an infinite amount of consciousnesses at once."
It gathered some replies and was quite active for /bant/, and then I, for some reason, invited willing anons to come to my apartment just for a friendly meeting.
And then one anon actually came do my door almost right away (apparently teleported), and I invited him in. It was an average guy, quite slim, not VERY cute by guy's standarts, but not ugly either. Had a ginger beard and brown hair.
As we just greeted each other, another anon appeared, slightly taller, without a beard. We greeted him cheerfuly, then we all decided to settle in and do whatever.
Just a little bit after that the second anon sat in front of my computer and started browsing the board, apparently, while I invited the first guy on my bed nearby to talk to each other.
BUT as soon as he sat on the edge of the bed, he actually TURNED INTO A TRAP, his beard instantly disapearring and him gaining very cute feminine face.
And again, for some reason I immediately started caressing and stroking his stomach, and only stomach, while the other guy was on the computer on the background.
Then my dream abruptly ended. Unfortunately enough. Quite a strange dream, isn't it?

Thanks for reading my blog, anon.
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