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Lucario is the best pokemon
Prove me wrong, protip you can't
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Itt we ask thought provoking questions

What does it truly mean to based?
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For me, it's Asuka Langley Soryu
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How do we fix anime, r/banter?
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So Australia is just hot Canada right?
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Die Fahne hoch

Wodrings Gernral

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How to make a new Wodring: Take an existing word and add, remove, or rearrange letters to make it a better word. Post your wodrings below:

Here's an example: addicting == addictang

Show me da wae - This is the way - Mandalorian way #MandoFANclub

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Ages ago #Knuckles wandered in search "for da wae" - yet to this day with no true & worthfull answer. Today we found the worthfull way - the #Mandalorian way ;)

anyone know the location just by this area in the US?

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doesn’t even have to be exact (e.g city, town), the state would be enough
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