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Should sub 120 IQ """people""" be allowed to breed?
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After years of lurking on pol I've been having strong thoughts of being cuckolded by my gf, how do I stop this? Is this a legitimate psyop on the board or am I just a freak?
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*gropes you*

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haha which ideology will she select !?

Women asking men out should be as normal as men asking women out.

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This should be normal, i mean maybe it is but not where I'm from I guess.

Title says it all, I am really sick of the whole men should ask women out on dates cause most of the time I don't like girls the first time I meet them and when I do ask them out after knowing them it's kinda too late.

Example from my experience, I met G at the start of the school year and we became fast friends, she flirted with me a lot but a lot of people flirt with me so I ignored it, fast forward 3 months into the school year we hangin out after school while waiting for our rides and it snapped to me that I like her romantically. After half a week I go up and ask her out but she goes "I really liked you when we first met but not anymore" then i ask what stopped her from asking me out and says "Guys should be the ones asking us out". We still close friends but yeah.

Maybe as I get older this would be different but why would the idea of guys going first be a normal thing
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Nobody helped me on /r/ so could you guys tell me about some hentai artist that i could request to draw gay scat?
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Anons, I gave up trying.
Let this life does whatever till it breaks me fina down.
I've decided to leave it all be.
It would be better If I killed myself tho.

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GOD id get
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this image implies there are multiple horny futas stroking their cock until completion to add some sauce, because one set of balls cannot produce enough cum to have an adequate supply when milked just about every 5 minutes, they'd run out of sauce and the business would fail
imagine accidentally getting lost and entering the room in which the sauce is served
a horde of horny futas masturbating, all turning their heads to lay their eyes on you
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