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/Bant/ is going to be my new main board on 4chin. Anything I should know before settling down?

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>that anon who still calls nude photos "wins"

I debunked Globe earth in this thread on /pol/, and it got pruned

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thread here

They tried to argue with me, and then after I started to win, they all pretended like they were ignoring me. Anyone who knows the rules of debate will have their eyes opened by this thread. /pol/ sees me as a threat, and I will likely be perma banned soon.
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Onf of the cashiers at the nearest store always seems so depressed. He's a tall handsome blond guy so I don't see why. If you're reading this I hope you're fine
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If this place is called 4chan, who the fuck is Chan and why are we doing it for him?

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Based on this pic, are you Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?

I'm a based Zoomer (born 1998).
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i let a comedian fuck me last night. should i just kill myself now?