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meanwhile, in mexico

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meanwhile, in mexico
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Hi there, welcome to "bant", my personal blogging website!

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Today i almost overslept but I jumped out of bed at 830 and was able to make it to work on time. Unfortanetlt i didnt have time to eat full breakfast ;((( so i had to get coffee and DONUTS (score!) instead. Now its lunch time and im eating a big turkey sandwich with jalapeno peppers and a lemon lime seltzer. Catch yall on the flip side!

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>Be me
>Grow up antivax
>Somehow survive to late teens
>Angsty rebellion kicks in
>Stop believing the bullshit
>Family tells me to do my own research
>Become even more skeptical afterwards
>Challenged to debate
>Binge watch Ben Shapiro and Charisma on Command
>Win debate with facts and logic
>Whole family mourns
>Go out and get victory shots
>Be me few days later
>Suddenly stronger and smarter
>Can't make eye contact anymore
>Can't talk to females anymore
>I got autism
>Hide from family
>They can't know
>Use my new autist powers in secret
>Develop vaccine for autism
>Get super autism
>Retard strength of 1000 men
>Immune to pestilence
>Impervious to desires of the flesh
>Invincible to social convention
>IQ of Dr. Eggman
>I am Sperg Lord

What's your origin story

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Kot get


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Summoning France
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what do you do when bored?
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