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Fuck tipping!

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I don't tip. Why should I tip the person who brings food to my table, but not the chef? I don't tip retail workers, fast food workers, or my delivery guy, so why am I expected to tip at a restaurant?

White knights will screech that wait staff can legally be paid less than minimum wage. So what? Take another job if that's such a problem. The REAL reason we're expected to tip wait staff is that they're mostly young women. Fuck off, it's not my problem, pay them a decent wage.

Escorts give WAY better service than waitresses but they come with an agreed price up front. If I don't have to tip a woman for pounding her in every hole, why should I tip her for moving some plates around?

The final argument I'd like to address is the "it's the only job many single mothers can get". If a MAN was in that position no one would care. "Hey bro truck driver is the only job I can get, give me an extra fifty for delivery of the pallet." His feet wouldn't touch the fucking ground on the way out.

Tips are a semi-forced transfer of money from men to women. Ideally stop tipping completely, practically stop tipping anywhere that you're not a regular.
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sup /b/?

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been browsing pol in between classes for a while now, so what are we going to do about those fucking kikes?
pic related
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Comfy time comfy thread

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Daily reminder that you're all ghey lole trolled


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California Genocide - Energy Weapon General

The California wildfires are not natural. They're clearing the path for some kind of housing development or train.
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Why Germans have always been jealous of Slavs?
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what should I fap to? dubs decides.
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me and america