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reply to this thread or your mother will sleep tonight

Planetary Sound

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Is it a coincidence that Saturn sounds like screams from hell?

Saturn's sound is the only one that makes me feel uneasy, is there a connection here to the Saturn worshipers?
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Boomer programmers

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Are they able to think clearly?
Is their aged and foggy brain even able to solve complex computer tasks?
Are they all unemployed?
At what age does programmers peak occur?

itt: things you never hear people say anymore

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i'll start
>pearls before swine
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Anyone else get really sad when they check out their Amazon orders from ten years ago. It's so scary how fast time goes by.
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What did you eat today?
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What would you do if this guy appeared infront of you?
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i need a quick rundown on these 2 countries

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>tfw no bf
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