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small brain: 3D pr0n
medium brain: 2D pr0n
large brain: giantess, all the way through, loli and other "degenerate" fetishes
xtra large brain: FUTA GANG
galactical brain: MAGGY'S NUDES

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I the archduke of akari nation hereby issue an extermination order on all akari substitutists effect of immediately

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Social Etiquette Advice Thread

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If someone asks you a question that could easily be googled, it's probably because they just want to talk to someone.

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Anon... Don't tell me you actually watch chinese cartoons intended for little children... Don't tell me you identify as the chinese cartoon characters you post...
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Why is this place such a haven for schizos? You'd expect them to be in really obscure imageboards, but for some reason this place has more schizos than most lesser known imageboards. What makes it so?
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