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Why aren't you a fighter pilot?

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You could be flying supersonic planes and dropping bombs on the bad guys. You guys sure must have a good excuse!
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Why are black female / white male marriages 64% more successful than ANY other racial marriage union of any kind, in the United States?
Even white people marrying each other, even Asian people marrying each other, is not nearly as successful. Black male / white female is quite unsuccessful.
But a white male / black female marriage is by FAR the most successful union there is in the US. It's bizarre.

Anyone who calls out discord fags, are discord fags themselves

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Have a bery happy day anone.
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My Google AdSense is sending me diaper advertisements because I masturbated to the reviews on an adult diaper product.


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Hello. A question from Germany. The Corona Dead from Bavaria rose again after a short time. They are now wandering around as the undead, but could be interned in a special ward of a Munich clinic. * Are similar reports known from other parts of the world?