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Ceнo, Caтoкa тeбя любит, хих
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Porn, Politics & Related Personal Development Redpills

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>Link to unmoderated rally point - eight chins /fapcine/
(Will post on /pol when ban expires for offtopic posts)
This thread is dedicated to highlighting the corrosive effect (for some but not all) that pornography can have on the individual, on society at large, where it comes from, who funds it (and who owns most of the major porn media companies), and the ways to combat it's inflence in either your own life, or in others. I believe I have come up with a unique way of dealing with PA that has huge memetic proliferation potential. Not just here on /gif and the like, but infecting actual porn hosting platforms. This is an oppourtunity to subvert subversion itself, all while having fun, help yourself and others, and sit back and watch the kvetching, oy'veying and hollow counter arguments (ie - porn helps men) commence. This could be bigger, more hilarious and news worthy than the faceapp/makeapp app that removes makeup, because it can actually help people solve what seems to be an insurmountable personal problem of willpower in a way that anyone can do, and anyone can help anyone else do.
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>talking with girl on tinder
>she asks me where i live
>she's on long island, I'm in CT making us only miles apart but also hours apart
why must god taunt me, i just want to have sex
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Boys will be boys
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My life flashed right in front of my eyes
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what do these colors represent?
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reminder. if you are a boy and you ever kiss a girl make sure to lift your leg like this. (NOT JUST GIRLS SUPPOSE TO DO IT. THE BOY IS SUPPOSE TO RAISE HIS LEG TOO.)
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>tfw no bf