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Happy day

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How would you define "love", Anonymouse, in as short and satisfying answer as you can~?
For me it would be something along the lines of being as much concerned about another person, that all of their experiences they are trashed and blessed with, are as if they all have happen directly to you.
When somebody else's peace engulfs you with the same tranquility and their energetic aura puts a smile on your face, even though you haven't slept very well for the past few days~

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Hey guys, Elliot Rodger here

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So I’m back with another Cancer games in this bitch. Today we are going to relive the days of High School. So place your tributes, 2 per ID.
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day my ass faggot
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first pic in your folder
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Bantcraft thread

dynamic map:
server themes: touhou, capitalism, cryptocurrency, hitler

No attempting to emulate Ukraine
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day 300
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everyone is happy

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