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Does anyone know Chris Chan's address ?

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>a quiet peaceful coffee shop
>family comes in with shitty little kid
>kid crying for attention like a pussy
>makes a fucking stupid face when it cries
>loud and gross as fuck. whole family ignores
>family has basically ruined the coffee shop
what the FUCK are these idiots thinking? how is this okay? if this were my coffee shop this entire family would be asked to leave and never come back. i fucking hate kids
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africans aren't real

>prove me wrong /bant/
>you cant
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>be me
>get exposed to the drowsiness
>I sleep
>wake up in a weird place
>can't recall what happened before the present
>what I know is that I'm searching for a place that no man was before
>hear a bird singing
>the words "welcome to the hidden castle of no" are heard from inside of my head
>the place is weird
>just upside down castle in the middle of nowhere
>no one around
>get inside
>weird creatures lived inside

Do you think this butt looks fat?

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Rise and shine patriots, it's time to make some Yuropoors cry!
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French niggas be like honhonhon j'adore la baguette au jambon et au fromage honhonhon


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prove me wrong

also noise
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I dreamt that China invaded its neighbours which set off WW3 after which the Anti-Christ appeared who caused great suffering to all those who didn't submit to him and eventually after about a year Jesus descended from the heavens who then killed the Anti-Christ with an affixed bayonet spurring some years of peace and then the world ended.