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In Bible it says that not only Chosen People are to be circumcised but also their servants and residents of their household.
Soo lets look at US and wonder why so many are circumcised there. One could argue that it's about allegiance to god but i highly doubt that.


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International /bant/er

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All right, time for /bant/er. What do you think of each nation?
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okay /bant would u ever date someone who has bpd or depression, why or why not
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Hey /b/, I found some random poo in loo's database and after invinting myself in I left these wonderful messages, what do you think of it ?

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Who's sex slave would you rather be?

>likes to employ strap-on and nipple clamps

>likes a good clit lick and a rim job

If you don't choose it will be decided by the last digit of your post number.

Even = Thatcher
Odd = Hilary

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i punched myself in the balls
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