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europe has officially been fixed
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Friendly reminder that Cirno hates furries!
This isn't special, since everyone does and should hate them, but still, she wants you to know they can eat shit and have their dicks frozen!
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Through Kaos comes salvation. Through *kari comes damnation.
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So Australia is just hot Canada right?


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Q finally answered me and inadvertantly outed himself as a LARPer

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>CodeMonkey announces a salt rotation on 8kun which will reset all tripcodes, including Q's
>I suggest dropping his public PGP key and signing all posts in the future with his key to prove his identity
>PGP signed posts would allow him to post anywhere on the Internet and allow anons to verify the posts came from him
>Q replies that it's against a national security charter to use PGP keys to verify identity online
>PGP keys aren't in the charter but shitty chan-tier tripcodes are approved
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