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Good naito

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What is the point in this stupid board
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Ask a dude who wears girls short shorts to accentuate his legs anything
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i hate sunlight
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My name is andy, i'm a wheelchairbound incel who hates women and is looking forward to bio wombs and robot waifus to fucking indscriminately. I also write erotica and get published, I'm absolutely proud of my crowning achievement despite knowing that my genre is by far the shittiest in the whole compendium of literature, but I'm exceedingly happy because one day I might be able to write another 50 Shades of Gray fanfiction and be bashed from people all around the globe. I'm also a devoted christian, I believe in christ even if i hate women and write degenerate filth, i know one day i will be saved be because i just need to eat a piece of bread and ask forgiveness to god for my sins, in fact I'm going to murder my mom who thinks I'm a stupid incel, I know god is going to give me eternal salvation if i beg enough. I'm andy and i'm a christian incel.
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Good morning, /bant/
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Stop hating each other
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Comfy thread, come in and chill.