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beyond suicide is the final state of limbo: you will no longer live but merely exist, a state in which you cannot muster any sort of will, a state which makes you let go of everything you tenderly loved, a state of permanent conflict which will leave you paralyzed
you have failed to escape and now you are stuck at the very bottom, having wasted all of your strength in vain
to feel suicidal is to live
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I either want to move to Libya

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Or Chad. Thoughts? I've lived in America for twenty four years

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I asked for help. I only got kelp.

Russia bros, you're all right

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>dog in frozen lake
>is problem
>remove shoes
>remove pants
>remove shirt
>break through ice
>advance step by step to dog
>casually rescue animal
>laugh out loud at pitiable freezing ice compared to warmth of Russian heart
>no problem
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the absolute madman

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why did he do it, /bant/?

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The answer is 9. Here is why. In PE(MD)(AS), MD and AS are done on the same step, left to right. 2(1+2) is the M step, but you have to solve the parentheses first. That equals (3), but before you can multiply it by the rest of the equation, you have to solve the D step to the left of it first, 6/2. The equation becomes 3*(3), which equals 9.
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