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Would you have fursuit sex for 10,000$ in cash?
It's guaranteed but you gotta pound me first.
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Japan and Germany confirm patients who contacted the coronavirus didn't visit China

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Dammit you Chinese bastards. This has gone too far. Take your own but don't take Japan down with you. There worth alot to our world.

One of the Japanese patients was a boomer who worked as Japanese tour bus driver and had driven two groups of Chinese tourists.

I think we should send all the Chinese back into there country. They're all a threat.
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What's your general opinion on trolling, and trolls in general.

Also general troll thread
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hey /bant/oids post anything here
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i hate my life

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I hope all chinks die

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I want off but I can't leave
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Daily reminder

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Coronavirus tribute thread

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Post Coronas spotted in your country.