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Hello, my name is Ethan.

According to my calculations, I will spend 32% of my life asleep. Additionally, I will spend 35% of my life at my place of work, a state of being I dislike strongly. I will commute for about 4% of my life. Roughly 72% of my life will thus be spent either unconscious or unhappy.
A ballpark estimate puts “chores” (paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, walking my dog Fritz, etc.) at another 15%. This is 87% of my life used up so far.

Considering all of the above (sans sleeping) takes energy, I will have about 70% energy to commit to the remaining 13% of life that belongs to me.
Given these numbers, is there any reason to continue existence? Would you play a video game for 80 years if 87% of it was absolute shit? Asking for a friend.



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broom broom~
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Y'all eat ass?

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This guy's videos are funny! What are funny videos to you?

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Greetings euphoric one, you seem to be making the long and arduous trek to the capital of 4chan. Might I interest you in some of my finest goods?
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my ancestors :)
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so cool


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daily reminder that racemixing is in fact biological warfare. when one tribe conquered another they would kill all the men, rape all the women then enslave their offspring.
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