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I just wanted to say that touhou sangetsusei is a really cute and wholesome manga
Go ahead and read it if you want to have a good time
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OC thread

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Didn't see one in the catalog and the last few were great. Post OC you've made or /bant/-related OC you just thought was really neat.
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Why does Americans always use lube to jack off in the movies?
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WHat is this board? it seems gay and faggoty and shit. who is the target audience?
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Friendly reminder that Cirno hates furries!
This isn't special, since everyone does and should hate them, but still, she wants you to know they can eat shit and have their dicks frozen!
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Good day to you anon! Come in and have a seat, let's get /comfy/ together.
How was your day? It snowed here where I am and it's cold outside. Very comfy day so far.
If you wanna just drop on by to share some music or comfy pictures, that's okay too. Remember that you're always welcomed in /gomfy/ threads anon!

Here's some music to start us off:
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We had windows 8 and 10, but where's windows 9?
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If you were a tranny how and how fast would you kys yourself?
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