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Am I being selfish to train

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm putting off my goals in training in Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Boxing. My father who was killed by a person of color would've wanted me to train. I am putting it off because 3 of my CNN watching obsessed family are all high risk if they catch the Shaolin Shivers. I think a lot of people right now are putting off their goals because of the virus.
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sleep time when
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Did tubbs do right ?
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Kek true

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/pol/'s sound thread - big brapper edition

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>What is a sound thread, how can I watch and make pictures, gifs and webms with sound?

My dear goys:
Download tampermonkey/greasemonkey, then install this script and follow the instructions, then reload the site:
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What's it like to live in a white country?
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*Debunks evolution*
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>do/say something stupid
>incident is ingrained into your mind until death
anyone else have these feels
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Dumb shark killed the last thread so I'm remaking it. ugh why can't people just keep things to one thread...

Not much progress with the project. Still.

Let's talk, unless you want to do it somewhere else.
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Gimme some cursed ass memes

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The worst images, just the weirdest and the worst
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