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>be me
>18, in high school
>not quite normie, not quite robot
>cyborg I guess
>always been a little bicurious, never had the guts to actually fuck a man though
>one night have a house party
>parents out of town till monday
>nothing ultra wild, some people and some beers
>never been a drinker either
>everyone leaves at midnight, had a nice time
>decide now’s a better time than any to get drunk for the first time
>have some leftover beer, a little lightheaded
>go for the hard shit
>do a few shots of good liquor
>memory cuts out around 1 AM
>wake up on the floor
>check phone
>made a grindr
>dozens of chats open
Did I get AIDS?

>he browses /bant/

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make yourself into a girl
limit to:
>skin tone
>hair color
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The words that are RED are messing with your head!

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The words that are BLACK will never hold you back!
IDs of BLUE!
Also 9!

epic mode

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epic mode
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A Message to KOG

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You can end this right now. Please. All you have to do is make a YouTube video and tell the people of /bant/ to stop making Cirno threads. They will listen to you. Just tell the people of /bant/ to stop making and bumping Cirno threads. You have the power to do this. You must do the right thing and end this mindless Cirno posting on /bant/.
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/bant/ fc
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Designated anime/pony board
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It's rape time, Anon
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