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>have a dream where I lick lole cunne
Why did my subconscious mean by this?

Reminder to "girls" here

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did you cuties have a good night's rest, you better have
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I'm shit in the middle of a show of teachers practicing for the alinzas, it's very disturbing, and a lot, A LOT OF SHAME, in computer surviving, I'm not supposed to see those dances from the other parties, but I pass unnoticed, since , I'm "doing a job", I'm risking too much, although I'm in recess, just passed the psychologist to say hello, change the page to a resmuen of the book, if you ask, if my teachers are dressed in animes, and just said a rude, ENSERIO, I had never heard say a xD, and do not look good with those dresses if you ask me, we'll see maybe in about 5 or 8 minutes more


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singles: dies
dubs: lives
trips: kills sniper
quads: wins war


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These have been dead lately but let's try anyway.
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i was a professional pick up artist coach for two years, know a lot of other professionals and know inside story's of some famous pick up artists.

Ask me anything
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give me one reason to get out of bed
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Why do American Blacks love eating foods high in sugar, fat, bad cholesterol and Sodium?

Where do you get this from because I don't see this in other Black Countries like in Dominican Republic.
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