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A self-bump thread because I want attention #4856
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In the movie anti Christ, the main character spends the night in a cabin in the woods and falls asleep with a hand out of the window. He wakes up to a hand covered in ticks, does this really happen in nature?
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"A" has joined the list of letter that ere now memes along with ,B,E,F, if this continues every single letter in the alphabet will become a meme

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If Hispanics are 'naturally conservative', then why don't they vote conservative?
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Hobbies Are Cringe

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One of the true ways to see if someone is an NPC is if they structure their personality around having a hobby.
Instead of being a well-rounded person with multiple interests and limitless ambition, so many individuals just become hobbyists.
When confronted about how soulless they are, hobbyists tend to shrivel up, and commit to the claim that they'd be nothing without their hobby.
In reality, most of them lack the drive or passion to pursue other skills, so they rely on just the one hobby, hoping nobody ever takes notice that nothing else is going in their lives.
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should I work hard today or do nothing but play video games
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