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Love Portugal

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good morning anon, how are you
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This post will belong to a homo erectus
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>be me 5 minutes ago
>look up pornhub
>realize it's not on incognito
>delete history

I'm still worried something might happen what do I do?
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So in the last three days I've let six different guys lewd me. One came in my throat two came on my face and three came inside my ass. All while wearing clothes my brothers gf left here before moving to Florida and makeup and earrings, while calling myself a sissy and sniffing poppers. I thought I was a straight guy once I had a gf. I really messed up somewhere. Oh and I rimmed one dudes hairy asshole.
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Welcome to /aan/ - Adopt a Neet
This is a thread for poorly housed and cared for NEETs as well as Providers with both room and desire. Also, just compatible roommates if that’s more your speed.
The ultimate goal for all participants is to move in together as flat(room)mates, friends, or something more. Your call.

If you are looking only for sex or "online only", you are in the wrong place. Shoo.

About yourself:

>Status: (Please pick one)
Provider – willing and able to support others financially, or by providing living space
Semi-Provider – able or willing to contribute financially to some degree (e.g. to rent/bills)
NEET – willing to move in with someone and receive some personal support (you do not have to be a NEET!)
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
As much as about you as you are willing to say. Sex and gender matters to some people. Others, not so much.
>Location and are you willing to relocate?
General location or as specific as you want. For NEETs, your location and ability to relocate or not is especially important so please let everyone know.
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
just a room/flatmate, friend, F/M/T only, gf, bf, fwb, live-in maid, strictly platonic, etc, [insert your own]
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Preferences? Needs?
Use this space to talk about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you are looking for.
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This is ebil board

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I am feeling great
Its the guy that goes to school
I got good grade today
>>>picture related, its me

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