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War against instagram

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Hello /b/. I have come here in time of great need. Instagram mods have been targeting meme accounts for no reason. Recently, my own account @sexy.jesus.memes was targeted. i hence request you to go and post some things on popular vulnerable hashtags such as #vegan and #lgbtq. Gore and offensive things are much appreciated. Please add the discription as "Bring back sexy.jesus.memes. you can do as you please by using alt accounts, bots and hacks. Please send them a message. THIS IS WAR.

Someone I knew in School who was exposed as a Child Predator is now BEHIND BARS

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It finally happened, The predator.. The poach Mario Ojeda is BEHIND BARS. Thank you to everyone who contributed as much as I did.

It's also really important to like, share, and comment this so this spreads the message on creeps like this, apperciate it! (usually don't ask for that, but this is a different can of worms :)

comment away~
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Redpill me about lesbians
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Bantu, just a few hours left until I'm gone. Also now that my beard is gone I kinda look like a lesbian wtf I hope it's just me hallucinating bc no sleep
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hahaha based

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Chocolate milk
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What does /bant/ think of Hallo Aus Berlin?
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