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le glasses grille

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Touhou Hate Thread

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Touhou sucks
Fake difficulty and underage girls do not make a game good
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Daily reminder that lolicons are people too.
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>Ooh nah nah
>Let's put some tariffs on bananas
>Ooh nah nah
>They should be grown in East Atlanta
>Nah nah nah
>Or maybe even Alabama
>Take jobs back from Havana
>Ooh nah nah

>Havana is killing us on trade, I fear
>Now that seems overblown
>Look, they have jobs we no longer have here
>And now we sell iPhones
>Why can't we grow bananas ourselves
>They'd taste worse and cost more
>Don't be so stubborn, try one yourself
>They'd need more water—

>Just grab and peel it like
>The texture is intriguing
>Internally I'm bleeding
>Got me feeling like
>We're gonna make a killing!
>I have to go
>Oh nah-nah-nah-nah-NAH

>Ooh nah nah
>We'll put some tariffs on bananas
>Ooh nah nah
>They'll soon be grown in East Atlanta

D-Diego just died

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el Diego is dead...
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/bant/ meetup

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Bantu I'm number one in my country on Osu!
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It's over

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It's over bros, I saw a hot qt 10/10 girl with a chink today. I always laughed at mutts and their bbc-loving race traitor whores, but here those retarded roasties are prefer a fucking ugly gooks over us. It's officially over.