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How to spot a discord nigger

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-anime images (especially pleb tier shit like slice of life, moe, or any other ironic weeb garbage)
-phone filenames
-identifiers (avatar, trip, names, retarded ways of typing, etc)
-a tenancy to respond to every post in the thread
-a tenancy to make unfunny jokes about penises, sex, being gay, or having a fetish
-a tenancy to small talk about irl business or "blog post" because most of them are underage normal fags and none of them have anything interesting to say
-a tenancy to complain about posters who dont fit their criteria (fagmark, furfag, etc)
-a tenancy to make the same thread everyday
-ama threads (ie hurr look at me i did some mundane task ama XD)
-australian, spanish austrian, british, german, argentine, or korean flag
-if you can recognize one poster partaking in multiple discord threads hes probably a discord nigger

If someone a poster has 3 or more of these symptoms they're probably a discord nigger. The appropriate response to these people is to tell the to kill them selves so that you can speed up their inevitable suicide and then call them out for being discord niggers so that other posters can know, or you can simply ignore them. Companionship is what they crave most since irl they are nothing and nobody wants anything to do with them since they're awfully boring and anti social. DO NOT TREAT THEM WITH ANY KINDNESS NO MATTER HOW KIND THEY MAY SEEM TO YOU. I hope this has helped you guys see who is and who isn't a discord nigger
Thank you!