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Women asking men out should be as normal as men asking women out.

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This should be normal, i mean maybe it is but not where I'm from I guess.

Title says it all, I am really sick of the whole men should ask women out on dates cause most of the time I don't like girls the first time I meet them and when I do ask them out after knowing them it's kinda too late.

Example from my experience, I met G at the start of the school year and we became fast friends, she flirted with me a lot but a lot of people flirt with me so I ignored it, fast forward 3 months into the school year we hangin out after school while waiting for our rides and it snapped to me that I like her romantically. After half a week I go up and ask her out but she goes "I really liked you when we first met but not anymore" then i ask what stopped her from asking me out and says "Guys should be the ones asking us out". We still close friends but yeah.

Maybe as I get older this would be different but why would the idea of guys going first be a normal thing