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Pooping in the Shower

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Hello /bant/. I am a 24 year old cismale and I would like to tell you about how I poop in the shower almost exclusively, and why you should too! Here's some things to consider.

>No toilet paper
Possibly the best reason. You all saw how quickly toilet paper ran out a few months ago. It's estimated that the average American uses 50lbs. of toilet paper a year! Even if you don't care about the environment, that's a lot of money you're literally flushing down the drain.

>100% clean every time
You are always going to be 100% clean, because you can wipe your ass with soap and water. No more itchy asshole, no more wiping 6 times after a sloppy shit and still not being clean.

You should be showering anyway, and this way you knock out two birds with one stone. Brush your teeth in the shower and shave too, and you've basically handled all your hygienic needs at once AND took a shit too. And probably a piss. That's a ridiculously efficient use of your time!

>Comfortable and healthy
Humans were made to shit while squatting, and the warm water can help relax you and get you going. It's been shown that using sit down toilets like we have in the West can lead to several issues relating to the bowels. Also, if you're constipated, squatting down helps you go better as well!

So why don't you shit in the shower, /bant/?