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Dear 4chan moderators, eat shit and die.

I am a narcissistic, misogynist, pessimist, satanist, rapist, alcoholic, cannibalistic, jihadist, abortionist, opportunist, misanthropist, nihilist, anti-everything, destructionist, corruptionist, fascist, malevolent, hedonist, anti-equality, absurdist, perverted, racist, sadomasochistic, shemale, porno freak, borderline pedophile who violently masturbates to children who take part in hardcore rape, torture, amputee, genital mutilation, beheading, vomit, scat, face removal, vivisection, skinning alive, eyeball fucking, parasite urethra insertion, navel stabbing, eyeball melting, brain fucking, holoprosencephalophilia, impalement, unbirthing, abortion smoothies, tongue removal, nipple burning, flaying, cannibal porn and enjoy watching snuff films to fulfill my sadistic hormones. The world is just how I like it. There is no reason to add me - I hate everyone and everything seems pointless to me. I have nothing to play or discuss with anyone, people have the same value to me as the gum under my shoes. I idolize no group or individual, there's nothing impressive about pretentious walking and talking meat. I have no personal vendetta against a specific group or individual, I hate everyone equally. The human race deserves to be eradicated, just like previous diseases. Your life is a joke, and your death is the punchline. I usually have fantasies about satisfyingly beautiful incidents, such as going to a hospital and opening fire on the patients, taking pleasure in pushing physically handicapped women off their wheelchair and cutting their throats then shoving my cock into their wound until my semen mixes with their blood since they can't fight back due to being disabled, performing police brutality on random citizens by tazing them until they piss themselves then ordering them to lick their own piss before shooting them in self-defense, targeting civilians during war and raping them in every bullet wound I inflict upon them, setti