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Happy day

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Let's talk toxic relationships.
Ever had a friend or somebody trusted that perhaps didn't even change that much, rather but had their flaws witness becoming so glaringly unacceptable?
Like you two just don't match together - or better, you are their only friend, but after knowing them for a longer time, you start to notice why you are the only one, but they guilt trip you, but they are actually too fucking dumb to realize it and now you are just kinda stuck in a cycle of rolling eyes and knowing that they won't do anything stupid, even if they try, and that their moods can be just as safely ignored and they will forget about them feeling sad and making you try to feel sad as well, and kinda wishing that something good / bad happens, that will make them unable to contact you, but also provide with better future prospects, like something that isn't suicide, but maybe a stable job or a frickin' education, and maybe they would even start to realize that whatever you said to them wasn't all that half-brained and might've actually been true, and that you weren't a liar and worse than them, but they are (hopefully) unable to contact you and just live forever happy and ever until they die of old age, somewhere that isn't a mental assylum, if that's possible ʷᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵇᵉ ᶜᵒᵒᶫ⋅⋅

How, should I and is it okay to click ignore button after half a year? It's not like they are doing it from ill will, it's just their mindset that doesn't fit society - society that I know of, my society.

Hope I can hear some of your experience~