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Look closely at history in the making!

This $50 buffalo gold piece is the purest gold piece ever struck by the US government. It's the first US coin ever struck using .9999. That's four nines! Pure 24K gold! Its design is based on the famous buffalo nickel of 1913 to 38. Wildly popular with investors and collectors; the US government had to stop production because of a shortage of specially-made gold blanks. It's no wonder the price of the last edition is going through the roof! Now you can reserve your own copy of the $50 gold buffalo clad in 31mg of pure gold. National Collectors Mints private non-monetary minting recreates James Earle Frasers' American buffalo against a mirror-like background on one side and his iconic native american indian head stands out in stunning relief on the other! The final issue price was to be set at $50 per proof but, during our special release, this 24K pure gold clad masterpiece can be yours for only 19.95. With gold skyrocketing past $1000 an ounce, price can only be guaranteed for seven days. Each new 2010 $50 gold buffalo tribute proof comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity verifying that each piece is clad with 31mg of 24K gold,is proof struck, and is based on the design of James Earle Frasers' buffalo nickel. There is a strict limit of 5 proofs per caller. Distribution will take place in registration number order. Earliest reservations receive the lowest registration numbers so you MUST hurry! Avoid disappointment and future regret. Call now!