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Has Anime fallen for you too?

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The anime fandom made me realize that anime are in fact degenerate. Not all however. But the vast majority are... and it has accelerated in recent years.

Most are hypersexualized to the very core, and tend to promote hedonistic ideals. Also shit like pedophilia, zoophilia, pederasty and even necrofilia.

I miss the based years when anime had a semblance of quality and actual values attached to it. But I can't deny that this hasn't been going on for decades now.

A lot of anime are also filled with religious symbolism... so it makes me wonder just for who are they there. In a way it seems like some kind of attempt to guide you... or spill the beans. Stuff like Angel Cop come to mind.

But either way it isn't that much different compared to the West. Granted I acknowledge anime used to be a free market and vastly grey in the political spectrum. But I say used to.

Idk but the new people in thei ndustry do not seem based to me. They are Otaku themselves and from the shit kind.

And I will return to Angel Cop again, it literally spills that Japan is part of the bad guys and global elite... that was like in the early 90's... imagine the state now...

Idk man, anime used to be based of sorts and have themes, explored psychology and various concepts, but looks to me very degenerate today... just one look at the fanbase and I'm left feeling disgust.

It attracts trannies, basedboys, sjw's, weaboos, and all kinds of perverts.
But granted this is a problem with newer shows rather than older ones. What do you think /pol/?

Is anime just as pozzed as the rest of media today?