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Seriously, the bullying against German members of this community is getting way out of hand, especially since Germans are some of the biggest contributors and most involved in this board.

Its not just "memes" or "banter", its vicious attacking and regardless of intentions it does demean people and hurt feelings. I can't say I'm the only German man who finds it hard to take pride in his own country after having years of constant and needless attacks defaming my heritage from insecure losers here. Why not bully Swedes or Americans? Do they not have much more to be ashamed of than our peaceful little country? Italians get bullied less than us and yet we are the purest whites in Europe.

Like when its not just banter, when a meme is repeated over and over again, repeated systematically, it eventually becomes a truth irregardless of the intentions in repeating it. And that isn't just jokes any more then, then its harmful!
Would you call a German man a "cuck"(not true at all) to his face? Would you say to a kind, peaceful and hard working salt of the earth German man that they are a "cuck"? Would you say those words to your fellow white brother? Are you starting to feel ashamed now? You fucking degenerate?

You’re destroying national pride, you’re dividing whites against each other, your doing the opposite of what you claim to support when you engage in this incredibly abhorrent behavior. So I encourage you to stop now.