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hipothethically speaking

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theres a dose of caffeine at which you start actively hallucinating right before it becomes lethal
most people throw up at such doses
but combined with a potent antiemetic such as weed one can break the fourth wall by taking 12 cups of vanilla crapucinnos and unspecified amount of monster energy drinks
you start to understand ameno dorime at that point
you transcend the common sense
but what's that
your throat is dry
you must drink the bong water to survive
but you accidentally poured alchohol in the bong to clean the resin
you pass out
your blood is now lethal for all bystanders and possible ressucitators
yoh are right next to urgent ambulantive hospital and a police station
this is your third time they gave you suboxone despite you don't even snort smack
I am now legally blind