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Mulatto Daughter

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tl;dr: am white 29, and my 18 yo mulatto daughter wants to meet me

>be me, 10 yo, go to christian school
>there's this one girl 2 years older, only black in school
>physically more developed than her classmates
>she's tolerated, but generally avoided and sometimes made fun off
>don't know why, but one day decide to sit next to her on the bus and start talking about whatever
>she's totally weirded out and starts punching me, not hard but I guess she thought I'd make fun of her as well
>happens a couple times until we start to talk normally
>she's very dark skinned, but both her parents are white
>her mother went to Kenya on vacation and came back preggers, the cuck dad adopted her
>tell her I sometimes stay late at school because parents are working long hours so nobody to pick me up
>one day she shows up while I was doing hw at school and joins me
>sure, whatever, think she doesn't really like being at home (not many friends there either)
>she's touchy, gets physical (mostly punches) very easily
>don't really like being touched by her because her hands are super dry
>buy some hand lotion cause idk, thought this is what you should do
>next time she visits I give it to her
>she starts to act pretty weird, more physical than usual, but instead of punches it's more like petting