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ITT: Talk about rich people

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Most of you at some point or another have been acquainted or are have met or are friends with a rich person at least once in your life. I'm creating this thread because I want to list my observations about rich or upper middle class people's behaviors that makes me spot them a mile away.

I live not too far from New York City, so I'm pretty much surrounded by them. If you live anywhere in NYC or west of Flatbush,and you have the money do go drinking every night, you are more likely than not:

1. A college student in NYC
2. Supported by parents

They have super expensive clothes from brands like Helmut Lang, Commes Des Garcons and Prada but they look like any other thing you could just buy from H&M, Uniqlo or Wal Mart, and they all seem to be "working in music" or in "tech" (whatever that means) or are graduate students in some vague esoteric subject

Here are a couple of observations of my encounters with the rich.

>1. Rich baby boomers cannot dress for shit.
I cannot tell you the amount of times Ive seen a 50 year old white haired guy in some fancy place parking a Lamborghini or Maserati, but when they go out to dinner, they are dressed in a goddamn polo shirt, a baseball cap, white shorts and cheap looking (but actually very expensive) sneakers. It's like a uniform for them, and I see it all the time at all times of the day. This is the case for both old money and new money ones, They have expensive watches and cars, but their style is garbage. They look like they just got out of shopping in Walmart, and even regular shoppers at Walmart dress better than them.

>2. They participate in activities and causes they don't have an actual stake on.
Whether it's Antifa, Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter, there is without a doubt at least more than a couple of dozen VERY well to do people in the protest.