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Arume Survival Bread Episode 3

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Oh Fugg,you've been capture by these qt Alien Anime Ladies and you've been brought into a lab,Some of the Alien Anime Ladies are Sympathethic torwards humans.But due to efforts of some Brave Anons the Ship you were in fell in an unknown planet,it kinda resembles Brazilian Forest and you can see big buildings in the distance
You will also need to roll for equipment
>How Rolls Work
We Will Roll Directly and entirely through Discord,If you're a newfag and wants to join here's the link https://discord gg/EPKzsJ
>Episode 1
>The anons fall into an unknown planet
>Some of the anons get fucked up and bruised
>While one anon tries to put the fucked up anon in the ground he trips and falls into a ridge,he snaps his neck and dies
>One Found Cover in a Fridge But he can't get out of it
>One of the anons finds a nurse to heal his lover aki from bullet wounds
>A Comissar wakes up in the ship,he tries to finds his guardsmen but it's beaten up bad by one of them,one of the guardsmen tries to perform medicae on him but ends up removing his right eye
>They all Find a cave
>One of the anons decided it would be a good idea to rape the nurse
>Before Nutting he is stopped by all of the anons and is captured and shot dead
>The Anons Makes plans on how to escape the planet

>Episode 2
>The anons get discovered in the cave by the arume armed forces
>They Run like hell and steal a car in the middle of the road
>Some anon gets behind and hids in a box
>Other anon goes into the jungle and tries to commune with his Indian Spirit
>Once they manage to escape,the anons form a plan to infiltrate a base
>They separate into groups and infiltrate
>The infiltration is a success but some anons couldn't Escape the base
>They hid in a sewer
>They manage to escape the sewer
>They get captured and are sent to a prison base