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Official !CumBENIS4c Party Thread

!CumBENIS4c ID:WGwZpwuZ No.1998733 ViewReplyOriginalReport
ITT: We celebrate the returning of CumBENIS4c!!

Everyone is invited to join us besides some exceptions I don't want to name at this point.

How to get started: Copy and paste the following tripcode into your Name Field: #v'=L=?`8

You may only post in this thread if your name is !CumBENIS4c

We also have some VIPs on our list:

- All day one /bant/ posters
- All anons which took part in forming /bant/ board culture
- Well-known namefags and avatarfags
- Jakepaulers
- [s4s]
- Manx-Tan <3

As special guest:

- The original !CumBENIS4c alias "Big Fren" !Nash/2q3o6


>Who is !CumBENIS4c?

The hero of /bant/ we never wanted, but we all deserved.

>What is so special about !CumBENIS4c?

No one really knows. It's a mystery. owo

>Why should I post as !CumBENIS4c? I'm not a tripfag!

Why should you post with the lame-ass name "Anonymous", if you can post as !CumBENIS4c?

>What happened to him?

That's a good question.
The tripcode for his glorious name got banned for an unknown reason.
The ban expires on August 31st, 2017 at 11:35 ET, which is now!!

C'mon my !CumBENIS4c frens, it's time to make /bant/ great again!!