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I can't go to any thread on page 1 without seeing comments along the lines of: "autistic screeching", "stop being an autist", and "are you fucking autistic?"

Autism is not a choice. It has no prevention and no cure. More and more people are being diagnosed since we know the criteria now, and plenty of autistic people (including myself) use the internet regularly. I have always loved the internet because it gives me a way to communicate that I simply don't have in real life. Seeing autistic people become the main target of jokes here as of late has been demoralizing. I'm sure I'm just "too sensitive" or whatever, but words matter. You have a younger audience than you think, and kids see and repeat shit like this all the time. Using autism as an insult is going to make people even less empathetic to autistic people than they already are.

I just don't see the humor in making fun of people who are already down. Dark humor is fine every once in a while, but if all of your jokes focus on making fun of disabled people, maybe you should reevaluate. Make fun of people who deserve it--there are plenty. We have an enormous amount of insults to choose from, and if you are creative enough you can even come up with your own. Pic related is me.