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Okay, so, I'm a girl and I found out about this place from Reddit. Normally I'll be pretty vocal on subreddits talking about r/incels or r/redpill or something, and this led me to someone telling me about this place. I can't believe what I'm seeing. You're all fucking pathetic. You blame women for all of your problems, yet you do nothing to try and remedy them. You sit in your dank basement, bitter and alone, thinking of ways you can get back at the world. Because people are happy, and you resent that. Because you can never be happy. You're pathetic. The bottom of the barrel. I almost feel sorry for you.

I'm pretty resilient to misogynistic rhetoric, but visiting here, browsing through all of the pages, I feel a bit sick. How can people like you exist? You blame a whole fucking gender of people because you're so bitter, that you lost any ounce of self-respect. You lump in women as one thing, a definite measure. It's laughable. You're just lonely, bitter, twisted gremlins who don't know the touch of a woman.

You say we have it easier. That's funny. You've probably had it handed to you on a plate, but you just refused to accept it. You are pathetic, I'll say it again because it's the perfect word to describe anyone here. I've heard about this place for a long time, but only now, after 4 glasses of wine, have I decided to visit it.

Anyway, enjoy never getting to touch someone like me. With this attitude, you're going to die alone you pathetic fucking virgins.