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Double Birhday

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Happy birthday 4chan! Sadly my Grandpa passed away this summer and today would have been his 61st birthday. Funny how they both share the same birthday and weird enough the two are so similar in terms of how much they craved for lulz. Pops as we called him craved things that are funny. I remember a story he told me when he was younger where he put a snake in my dad's truck and it scared the shit out of him. He had truck balls on his motorcycle and truck up until he died. While we were at his house we found a dick fishing lure, joke posters, the entire Austin Powers franchise, records from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc., and a shit ton of porno. Shit neighbors and family told people not ot come to the funeral on kikebook over money and a goddamn pick up truck. Held it in Georgia since that's where he lived before he died. Pops grew up in Florida and his old friends still were there. The last time he came down to Florida is when his best friends funeral happened. We knew he didn't want to go out like that so we got a shit ton of roses and two wreaths for him and bubba, the aforementioned best friend that died around the same time he did. We dumped a shit ton of roses into the ocean while playing a playlist with all the sounds he used to listen to before his stroke. We dumped the wreaths and watched them float off into sunset. The day after we went to the flea market and broke the news to all his friends who worked there. They never knew until then and we invited him to a second funeral at the beach. It was a celebration of life on could call it. No retards trying to make a quick buck, no stuffy and depressing mood. Just remembering who he was and mourning. Fast forward to today. Were holding a birthday party and inviting all of our friends. He wouldn't want us to tear up when we remembered him, he would want us to laugh and smile. Guess we accomplished that. So since its both 4chan and Pops' birthday I want to celebrate both....