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>be !anonsmzJqA
>realize 2333333 is coming up soon on /bant/
>realize Kagariposter will probably steal them
>gauge eyes out
>hastily fumble fingers onto keyboard
>begin hacking away on POSIX-compliant self-compiled UNIX terminal
>open pale moon browser
>desperately search for posts made by kagariposter
>find 3
>haste for the button next to one of the posts
>click it as many times as physically possible
>fill in the Reason field
>set length to 3 days
>"hehe... he can't appeal this one!!.. hehe... i sure showed him this time hehe.."
>begin laughing manically while smashing the [Submit] button
>do the same 2 more times at unrecordable speeds
>go back to shitposting on IRC
>"Join: [email protected]"
>body temperature reaches 200°F
>*mechanical keyboard sounds*
>"/mode #4chan +b *!*@kagari.chan"
>"/kick Kagariposter"
>feel absolutely accomplished
>little does he know that this is the peak moment of his life
>it will only go downhill from now on
>top zozzle