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History of Kagarifag

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>be kagarifag
>try to force waifu into a meme
>get barely any (You)'s and just get fazed out by /bant/
>seething rage.jpg
>paint le epic troll face on picture of waifu and begin stealing gets to get "revenge" on /bant/
>stroke own ego and prepare to steal le big get
>never forget.jpg
>lose all sanity and starting making threads full of huge paragraphs of autistic rage and conspiracy theories having to do with getting BTFO by cirno
>become universally laughed at
>spend rest of days stealing smaller gets and posting le kagari compressed troll face
>go down in history as a universally-hated autist that is only liked by young burger newfriends going through their nazi/hitler phase who think its cool to idolize someone widely hated
wew... lads...

>get banned