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I need your help with a philosophical problem /bant/
On the on side stands my belief that men and women should be treated equally by the state in absolutely every way
But I also think it's important that in sex-ed both a male and a female should get some hours as teacher since a female can't possibly know about male sexuality, and how males feel with it and a male can't know about female sexuality and how females feel about it, what fears they face and so on
I think it's important that they hear both sides and even more that they hear their own side, which doesn't happen mostly, most biology teachers tend to be female but with a male teacher it's really the same problem for girls

I don't believe in exceptions in basic principles like that, it's a slippery slope and even If this special exception would do no harm in any way it's still against the basic principle of legal equality

How do I find a formulation that allows both points to coexist?
I thought about something in the likes of "kids in sex-ed should be teached partially by a person that is able to hold an understanding of their sexuality based on own experience"
But I'm not really happy with it because the intent is still a legal differentiation between man and woman, even if not formulated that way
Also This would make for other problems regarding different sexualitys
While Genders are binary, sexuality is clearly not