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Oh shit, a guy broke the pedo code in comments under elsagate videos!

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>First thread here: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/149666462#bottom

>Guy on reddit claims he has broken the code pedos use in the comments under Elsagate videos on youtube: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7d9fu9/holy_shit_i_think_i_just_figured_out_the_comment/

>Some autists say it's just kids pressing random buttons on tablets, but we find a post in the same gibberish language made by the owner of one of the channels. It translates as "Detain"

>To translate the pedo code:
>Go here: https://www.branah.com/thai
>Select "Pattachote Keyboard"
>Type in a comment that you copied from one of elsagate videos using English letters.>Copy the thai word that will appear in the editor.
>Paste the word in Thai Google translate

>A new translation I just made for the pic attached to this post: Notice the second comment by the same user. Along with the usual gibberish it includes hahahah, not exactly what a toddler could recreate.

>Also notice the formatting.

>Expect an onslaught by shills

>Pedos use the Thai language because Thailand is the world largest pedo brothel where all the pedos go on vacation.