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what to do

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I've been renting a bathtub from my neighbour and I dunno about the dynamic. I think I would prefer it if I was just left alone if someone was renting my bathtub, so I usually sneak in when she's not around but that doesn't always work so I try to not bother her and sidle out silently from my bath but she always comes and says bye when she catches me leaving. It seems to me like she wants to speak to me or something but honestly if I go lay beside her to dry off I generally just don't speak much because I am not one to talk pointlessly and would prefer it if she would just ramble on like most girls do and I can tune her out until something worthwhile comes out of her mouth. Anyway I fucking dunno, she's pretty comfortable with me she said goodbye to me without her pants or underwear today enh meh it's hard to get used to this arrangement as a catholic.