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hello i m from saudi arabia and wojak is the best meme, trust me , i've read all about it on knowyourmeme, it looks perfect and works wonderful i can't tell you how exacitated i am whenever these fucking c*Rnofags are being beaten to death. i hate how just 1% owns almost the whole banter and i reverse my frustration here, writing to you. i do really miss the chicanon i really wish slojakposters will go back and be how they used to be but for some reasons most of them hate it and i don't know why because i was diagnosed with autism. huuuurrrrrrrr durrrrrr they keep telling me the cirno meme wich i don't believe, it can't be real! wojakposting just works dude, it's the best, we all need to be equal like the bible says. please accept wojakposting