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Official /bant/ anime stream

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>what the fugg is this? :DDDD
This is the official /bant/ anime stream, hosted on cytube everyday, starting at 7pm UTC.
>what are we watching?
Currently, the available shows are Kill La Kill, Initial D Second Stage and Girls und Panzer which you can vote for during the stream. If you want to check out the episodes we are currently at or the suggestion list, visit our official text file: https://nineball.party/files/watched.txt
>Voting for anime?
For each episode, we create a poll where people can vote which anime they want to watch.
>How many episodes can we watch each night? Can we put our own videos during the stream?
We can watch only 3 episodes of the most voted anime each night.
Before, after and in between episodes, people can add whatever videos they want from YouTube for everyone to watch. Just make sure they aren't too long or else they would mess up the stream's schedule.
>Can we suggest animes or emote for the stream?
Yes, you can.
Post them in the thread and i'll try to take them in consideration.
Replace the underscore with a period.