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Pepe is dead and we have killed him

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If /bant/ wasnt against frog faggotry at its conception then we wouldn't have all the other forms of faggotry we see on /bant/ today. i knew /bant/ would eventually become shit as soon as people started to cirno post. i was able to predict that the death of pepe in the hands of cirnofags would be catastrophic. because of this people tried to find new idols to replace pepe. which gave rise to kagari nukem goku borche issbelle and other annoying posters. it left a gap in /bant/ that couldn't be replaced by a blue fairy. people realized the chaos of this "death of pepe" in /bant/ and fucking left back to /pol/ or /r9k/. Becuase of this /bant/ became a giant circle jerk of name fags and copypasters with their stupid forced memes. Just watch, this fucking thread is going to be copy and pasted and made into a fucking meme on this shit hole. it seemed that cirno posting was the gate way to anime fags. and that was the gate way to gays traps and furfags and all the other shitty things on this board. In retaliation to all this faggotry retards like chicanon memeboi plague doctor and that Albanian poster rose to prominence. lets face it guys frog faggotry is the only alternative to the cancers that are ruining /bant/. and if it wernt for the sudden discrimination of the frogposters none of this dumb shit would've happend and /bant/ wouldn't be the cancerous circle jerk it is today. I haven't concluded if this damage is irreversible but if there was a way to reverse it it would be the return of pepe. thats just muh thoughts on the subject good day to you sirs