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Does /pol/ want to hear a little story?

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Yes, this post is 100% related to politics. In fact it is almost all about politics so please do not remove this. What I am about to say will change /pol/ forever. Maybe not today, but the day in which all of you look back at this post and realize just how much of a magical moment this really was. "I can't believe it, I was there when it all happened" some will say.
"No I swear I was there when this all began" Many more will claim.

But here's where it gets crazy.....

>Are you experiencing Deja-Vu >:)
>Do you feel like this already happened? >:)
>Is your brain having trouble in any way in this specific moment trying to fully analyse the present moment >:)
>Good >:)
>You have entered into something new >:)

Now before someone decides to delete this post. Let me explain how this is 100% political.

>The days in which we must hope that candidates are on our side is over. Yes, we shall finally have /ourguy/ in the truest possible way
>Skeptics and provocateurs will dismiss it at first. The pessimists and those who want us to be pessimists will do their best to tell you that he's not /ourguy/ despite the endless and endless evidence that he is infact /ourguy/ ii the purest of form of it's meaning
>He is more right wing than all of you
>He is more obsessed with genetic purity than any of you. His mind is utterly focused on it at all times. It may not always be in the for front of his thoughts but the idea is always lurking in his mind "Our blood is being contaminated every moment that I am not in power" his subconscious mind screams
>His mind is always at peace, knowing that victory is inevitable. Time can be altered a million ways, but destiny is the one thing which binds it all together. It is the one element that can never be altered or even destroyed. His destiny is infinite
>Do you believe in possibilities that seem impossible?
>Do you believe in coincidences? I don't
>Reality is stranger than fiction

Do you want to hear a little story /pol/? >:)