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What was your earliest sexual encounter,

I can remember mine like it was yesterday.

I just got home from school and my friend Brian was coming over to play halo 2 after I had gotten it for my 12th birthday. My mom was at a firehouse meeting (she does volunteer fire/emt work for the town) but she left me and my friend with a shitty babysitter that left us alone the whole time. I was taller than him and he sat in my lap while we played multiplayer. After a while I got a boner and we started laughing about it. Then it stsrted to feel weird. I told him to get off my lap because of it but then he came up with a solution. After discussing the issue he told me to put it in his butt, he discovered porn before me and told me to make it go away to put it in his butt. I tried but it was dry. So I got lotion from the bathroom and pushed in. After getting it in it felt really weird, but good. I kept going in and out over and over. After a few minutes we both stopped playing while I basically fucked him. Eventually me and him finished and I was too young to understand what happened aside from feeling nice. He came over every time we had that babysitter from then on. I don't know if this is normal for someone who is that young but it was just really fun. I moved away when I was 14 though and never found someone like that again. Haven't fucked anyone since.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has done something like this.