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Politics will never be the same

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It's that Time of night when rational people come out to listen to great wisdom and the tales of what's to come >:)

Things are about to change politically and change forever >:)

A new leader. The true leader is beginning to emerge and you will all meet him soon

This is what legends are like for those who believe in God and believe in the honorable duty to preserve the blood and genetic makeup all humanity

Purity, of the heart, of the mind and of the blood is this man's obsession

If you think the enemy has freaked over Donald Trump. Just wait and see what will happen when this leader shows up on the scene. Not in America, but somewhere else >:)

I'm not here to waste your precious Time so I'm going to get to the point:
This leader is destined to win
It is impossible that he could ever loose because
>He has already won

Imagine if you will that a man rose to power and in his nation he built a great machine which disguised itself as form of transportation into space. When in reality it doubled as transportation thru time

Once this is created, he knows that it is possible that others have may access to similar technology and thus continuously sends "guards" back to the past in order to re-enforce what had already occurred. To insure that his rise to power is infinite in all timelines

>Time is essentially looped short circuited to a point where his rise is destined

But how did he rise to power in the first place if others may have the technology too and could come back to destroy him before he even began?

Destiny. He was always destined to rise to power

>But to make things even stranger. Even in the original timeline. He was protected by those he ended sending in the future. Time completely looped and the outcome became infinite

He is here to serve God

Simply preserving our homelands is pathetic. He will grow them and bring vengeance to those who attempted to subvert and takeover our lands

He will conquer them