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Every day I wake up and go on /bant/, and what do I see? I see anime. I see people being gay. I see people being gay whilst posting anime. Only a literal retard would deny the connection at this point, and I know at least half of you guys are not that far gone.
Seriously, it needs to fucking stop. Every thread with the generic 'lol i'm gay' or 'tee hee i'm not homo but i do [faggy thing] OP is made by an An*MEfag. Every single fucking one. And then all the gayposters flood in, like roaches when you turn off the lights, and it's another thread that'll spend a day at the top of the catalogue, fuled by faggoty circle jerking.
I'm sick of it. Just fuckign go outside and find a bf and stop posting here. Anime is a fucking disease, gay is the symptom, and a noose is the cure. Fuck you.