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Kemono Friends is the WORST anime of all time. INANE 3D B**CHES running around SQUALING, with NO skill at all in the anime arts by the producers, Kemono Friends should be banned from this board, which is evidently an anime community, since its no ANIME at all! Anyone can make 3d models, and set them to move around, what is more, they dont even move around good, they look like f**king RUNSCAPE models! where is the elegance of animes great battle scenes? DO THEY TAKE US FOR F**CKING CHILDREN? (excuse my language; i am passionate about this issue)

Kemono Friends is total RUBBISH and, I humbly suggest, that it should be completely SEPERATED from the REAL anime community and anime canon, no respectable anime geek would accept this kind of cutesy brouhaha CRAP becoming so popular, ANIME NEEDS YOUR HELP, boycott KEMONO FRIENDS, because ANIME IS IN JEAPORDY, these girls are so insipid, theres 0 story, 0 music, 0 plot, 0 art, 0 production quality, 0 ANYTHING, its the DETRITUS of the cosmos of veritable anime art.

perhaps, i say, its time for a REAL safari hunt, fellow /a/nime nuts, ey ey.

Thank you fellow OTAKUS if you got this far reading this extremely PROLIFIC rant, you are the best, anime on!